advent calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016


Day 4: The Maldives

In the advent calendar today: An absolute dream holiday

I would have loved to have seen your faces as you opened today’s door on the calendar. Your hearts were probably racing in anticipation to see which destination is up for grabs today – and oh boy is it a good one! You finally have the chance to fulfil your greatest desires by entering to […]


Day 3: Mykonos

In the advent calendar today: A trip to the Island of the Winds

As soon as you reach Mykonos, you’ll realise that what people say is true – it really is one of the most romantic places in the world. White houses with blue doors and windows line the narrow streets to create the typical postcard image of Greece. Gaze at the fabulously decorated balconies, each one outdoing […]


Day 2: Dubai

In my advent calendar today: A trip to the city of superlatives

Could it get any better? Of course! In Dubai there really are no limits – neither in height nor modernity. The City of Superlatives simply always goes that one step further and achieves the unthinkable. If it’s not bigger, more extravagant and more expensive than other places in the world, it’s not Dubai. Hard to […]


Day 1: Mauritius

In the advent calendar today: A trip to paradise

For years it’s been tradition to count down the last 24 days until Christmas Day and wait in joyful anticipation. Advent calendars have always been a sure-fire way of getting us in a festive mood, but the days of hiding little pieces of chocolate behind every door are long gone. These days it’ll take a […]