Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Return tickets from London

You too can make it big in the city of angels thanks to these amazingly cheap roundtrip flights to Los Angeles! Rub shoulders with the rich and famous in America’s most glamorous city, home to Hollywood movie stars and Mecca for all things A-list. Cheap Flights to Los Angeles With these amazing roundtrip flights to Los […]


Miami in Summer

Summer availability

‘Welcome to Miami’ …a few years ago one of the best entertainers of our time, Will Smith, sang this line in his song. Miami, the metropolis in the United States, polarises. Once you arrive here you probably never want to leave it again. Definitely check out as many sights as you want to and if […]


Last Minute Majorca Flights

Return flights deal!

If you’re planning a little  break this Spring, then these cheap Majorca flights might come in handy :) Majorca is a great destination, a city full of scenery and perfect to have a relaxing time with your beloved ones! So take the chance to discover this lovely city with this super deal I came across! Cheap Majorca Flights: Return flights […]


Cheap Cancun Flights

Many UK airports available

Cancun is one of the fantasy-inducing ideas that everybody has in their head. We all fantasise about it and then convince ourselves that it would really be that beautiful.. it couldn’t be … could it?! Well, ladies and gentleman.. it can. And with this flights deal, it’s a beauty that’s affordable! Cancun Cheap Flights The […]


Cheap flights to Costa Rica

from London

Oh yes! These cheap flights to Costa Rica are amazing! You can fly to beautiful Costa Rica for only £269 return at the moment. Here are the details :) Cheap Flights to Costa Rica I spotted these flights through my Flight Fare Finder via Thomson for only £269 return! The flights are from London Gatwick and you […]


Cheap flights to Aruba

Return flights from London & Manchester

Jet off to paradise with these cheap flights to Aruba! The Caribbean is an area that has long been one of the most popular travel destinations for the UK. However, when you mention the smaller islands, further south and nearer South America people seem to have passed them by. This is your opportunity to discover […]


Cheap Flights to Ibiza

Peak Summer

Let’s go to Ibiza! :D I just came across this super deal: What do you think about Cheap flights to Ibiza from only £37pp return? Read the details below where you can book these flights and prepare yourself for your very own break :) Cheap Flights to Ibiza I spotted these flights through my Flight Fare […]


Cheap Flights to the Canary Islands

Many dates and airports available

Check out this amazing flight deal I just found! Return flights to the Canary Islands this May and June from only £34pp! Incredible value, don’t you think?! And the best part about this flight deal is that there are many UK airports and dates to chose from! Book yourselves a break for a couple of […]


Cheap Cuba Flights

Many UK airports available

Incredible fare! I just came across a super flights deal: What do you think about Cheap Cuba flights from only £313pp? And I’m talking about return flights! So let’s not waste too much time and let’s get to the details :) Cheap Cuba Flights I spotted these flights through my Flight Fare Finder from only £313pp return! There […]


Cheap Flights to Mauritius

Direct Flights from London

Incredible fare! I just came across a super deal: What do you think about Cheap flights to Mauritius for only £385 return? Not possible you say? Well, as your Holidayguru I of course want to make sure you get to your destination for the cheapest price, so I kept my promise and voilà, here I serve […]


Cancun Flight Deal

Many dates in March 2017

Just the name “Cancun” conjures up images in everybody’s mind; vast expanses of white, sandy beaches, palm trees, cocktails and bright blue sea that is more inviting than anything you’ve seen before. Those images are more accurate than you would think and with this deal, you could be enjoying them in real life this May! I’ve […]


Cheap Return Flights to Dublin

Return Flights from various UK airports!

Dublin is one of the most popular city break destinations for everybody in the UK. Why? Well, it’s close, it’s affordable and it’s a really fun place to go with your friends or on a romantic getaway. It’s the perfect way for you to make the most of some amazingly cheap flights I have found! […]


CRAZY Cheap Flight to Sofia

One-way flight from London to Sofia or Sofia to London

It’s unbelievable, but true. I found you a one-way flight to Sofia for only £3! There’s also another one-way flight from Sofia back to London Luton for only £3. Check out the details be below and start planning your trip to Sofia. Crazy cheap flight to Sofia The flights I found are one-way tickets and your […]


Cheap St Lucia Flights

Round Trip for only £300pp

I have found you an amazing flight deal to St. Lucia on Flight Fare Finder for only £300pp for a round trip! There are several dates in May 2017 and you can stay for one or two weeks. The perfect length trip for you to enjoy some Caribbean sun in St Lucia! :) To find hotels, […]


Last Minute Florida Flights

Many dates in May 2017

With these cheap Florida flights you’ll be able to create your very own holiday in the sunshine state of the United States of America… a place that invites tourists all over the year to spend wonderful holidays. From Walt Disney to Sea World or to the Kennedy Space Center. There is almost everything for everyone and […]


Cheap Cuba Flights

Jet off to Paradise!

Incredible fare! I just came across a super flights deal: What do you think about Cheap Cuba flights for only £299? And I’m talking about direct return flights! So let’s not waste too much time and let’s get to the details :) Cheap Cuba Flights I spotted these flights through my Flight Fare Finder for only £299 return! […]


Cheap Canada Flights

Cheap Flights from London

Hey guys, you have to be very quick with this one! :) I found flights on Flight Fare Finder going to Canada from  only £287 return per person. There are many dates in November and December 2017 either going to Vancouver or to Toronto! If you’re super quick you will even find some last seats for May, so […]


Cheap Cape Verde Flights

Return flights from many UK airports

Don’t miss out on these crazy cheap Cape Verde flights! Floating in the middle of the Atlantic sea, it’s almost like a bit of the sahara broke off Africa and made its way there. Boasting excellent beaches, brilliant surfing opportunities and stunning views, you are guaranteed an amazing time. Cheap Cape Verde Flights The flight deal I […]


Last Minute Mexico Flights

Flights from several UK airports to Cancun

Mexico is fast becoming, or has already become, one of the most loved holiday destinations in the world. Famous for its beautiful beaches and brilliant climate, people head to explore the wonders of this country all year round. Now it’s your chance! Cheap Mexico Flights I have found these really amazing flight deals to Cancun, […]


Dominican Republic Cheap Flights

Punta Cana Return Flights

Fancying a holiday to an exotic and beautiful Caribbean island? This is definitely a great way for you to have one… this is definitely one deal to the Dominican Republic you don’t want to miss out on! Dominican Republic Cheap Flights to Punta Cana The flights I have found you are available through my Flight […]


Ryanair Midweek Madness

Cheap Flights to many European cities!

It’s Ryanair Midweek Madness! So don’t miss out on booking amazingly cheap flights to many European cities for only £5 each way! The sale ends at 6pm today! Destinations include Brussels, Berlin, Pisa, Hamburg, Zadar, Faro, Oslo and Copenhagen among many others. Ryanair has launched this sale today and there are various dates and destinations available! So […]


Cheap New York Flights

Return Flights from Inverness in November

Your Holidayguru has spotted these cheap Flights to the city that never sleeps! So get your bite from the Big Apple and start to plan your trip :) I’ve found this cheap round trip on the Flight Fare finder departing from Inverness to New York from only £254 per person! Cracking price right? Cheap New York Flights I suggest […]


Cheap Jamaica Flights

Return Flights from Birmingham, Gatwick & Manchester available

Fancy a last minute holiday to a beautiful island? Head to Jamaica with these amazingly cheap return flights! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay on an island full of culture, music and most importantly… sunshine! Flights to Jamaica The flights I have found you are available on my Flight Fare Finder from just £259 […]


Bargain Dubai Flights

Return Flights from London to Dubai

The vibrant and modern desert metropolis of Dubai has to be seen to be believed, and with these incredible return bargain Dubai flights from London you can afford to go and see it for yourself! Return Bargain Dubai Flights From London I found this incredible flight combination on Flight Fare Finder and with these bargain Dubai flights […]


Cheap Flights to Gran Canaria

Return Flights from Glasgow

This deal is unreal! Return flights to Gran Canaria for only £20pp! Whaat?! You heard right folks, I found an amazing deal for an escape to gorgeous Gran Canaria! Don’t miss out on this offer and book before its gone! :) Just imagine, you could be laying on the beach within the next weeks for […]


Cheap Menorca Flights

Return flights from East Midlands

Are you looking for a cheap way to spend some amazing days in beautiful Menorca? Then look no further, because I came across cheap flights to Menorca! Check out the details below. Cheap Menorca Return Flights You find these cheap flights to Menorca through my Flight Fare Finder from only £20 per person. There are many […]


Cheap Hawaii Flights

Return Flights from Manchester

This incredibly Cheap Hawaii Flights are simply amazing!!! I almost fell off my yoga mat :D You will be able to create your very own super holiday in Hawaii with return flights for only £299 per person! Prices like these change pretty quickly, so make sure to bag these flights while they’re still available. Here are the details! Incredibly Cheap […]


Cheap Barbados Flights

Many UK airports available

Don’t we all dream of that perfect holiday to the Caribbean at least once in our lives? :) Sand white beaches and palm trees swaying in the wind. Just imagine, how it must feel to swim in that crystal clear water ;) And you know what?! You could make all of this come true as […]


Flights to the Algarve

Exclusive Flights Only Deal incl. Return Flight from Newcastle to Faro

I’ve found a fantastic cheap flight deal to the Algarve, in Portugal. Jet off to a region defined by its impressive cliffs, golden beaches and sandy islands! Cheap Flights to the Algarve The flight deal I have found is available through my Flight Fare Finder for just £26 per person. These flights leave from Newcastle […]


Gran Canaria Flight Deal

Cheap Return Flights

One of the sunny Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is a a gorgeous getaway for any time of year. The Canary Islands offer a unique fusion of Spanish and North African culture, so why not take advantage of this offer to explore this wonderful part of the world! Cheap Flights to Gran Canaria The flight deal I […]


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