Cheap Flights to Perth

Return flights from London Heathrow

Prepare for some adventure in 2018 if you have always wanted to have the trip of a lifetime to Australia! I have found you these Cheap Australia Flights to Perth, so you can finally go and spend time on the other side of the world!


Cheap New York Flights

Return Flights from London

Your Holidayguru has spotted these cheap Flights to the city that never sleeps! So get your bite from the Big Apple and start to plan your trip :)


Cheap Jamaica Flights

Return Flights from London Gatwick available

Fancy a last minute holiday to a beautiful island? Head to Jamaica with these amazingly cheap return flights!


Super Cheap Cape Verde Flights

Return Flights from Birmingham

Is Cape Verde on your bucket list!? I can’t see how it wouldn’t be when it is one of the most beautiful places in the world! If you come here you can expect stunning beaches that will take your breath away with crystal blue waters and white sand. If you are a lover of beautiful […]


Oslo Cheap Flights

Cheap Return Flights from London

Oslo, the capital Norway. Potentially one of the best known capital cities of the world, always used in games to flaw your opponent with your knowledge. It was also recently named in Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities to visit. Oslo is a culture paradise, and if you loved Sydney Opera House then you really need […]


Dream Thailand Flights

Return Flights from London Gatwick

If you’re planning a last minute getaway and also looking to really break the bank, then allow me to suggest the tropical paradise that is Thailand. With sunshine for at least eight hours a day, and temperatures that can reach as good as 24 degrees, it’s a no brainer that this spot will be a much […]


Great Flights to Aruba

Return Flights from Manchester

Wowee I have found you a fantastic getaway to round off the year in a pretty awesome way. You could head away for a couple of weeks to the beautiful Aruba, a fantastic resort in the Caribbean. If it sounds a little familiar, then you’re definitely a Friends fan – it’s where Rachel and Barry would […]


Cheap Flights to Riga

Cheap Return Flights With Three Departure Airports

Today I’ve found you some lovely options for a flight to the stunning Latvian capital of Riga. The city is a Baltic region wonder and it’s nestled on the shores of the Daguba river. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states and it’s definitely worth a visit. Thanks to these wonderful cheap flights I’ve found, that […]


Ryanair Sale

Cheap Flights to many European Destinations

With these cheap Ryanair flights you’ll be able to create your very own city breaks! Destinations include Nice, Rome, Venice, Ibiza, Gran Canaria among others. Ryanair has launched their summer sale today with prices starting from an insane £9.99 each way. There are various dates and destinations available! So let’s not waste too much time and let’s get to […]


Dominican Republic Cheap Flights

Punta Cana Return Flights

Fancying a holiday to an exotic and beautiful Caribbean island? This is definitely a great way for you to have one… this is definitely one deal to the Dominican Republic you don’t want to miss out on! Dominican Republic Cheap Flights to Punta Cana The flights I have found you are available through my Flight Fare […]


Cheap Flights to Brussels

Cheap Return Flights with Three Departure Airports

One of my favourite countries to visit is Belgium. Don’t you agree? It’s got some really beautiful architecture dotted across the country, and a foodie culture that is simply to die for – you just haven’t lived until you have sampled some delicious Belgian waffles drizzled with sweet Belgian chocolate. if indulging on this and other delights sounds like […]


Cheap Flights to Miami

Cheap Return Flights from London to Miami

Escape to the glamorous city of Miami in Florida with these super cheap flights that I have found for you! Expect sun, sea, sand and the best night life you could ask for! For just £304 pp  you can’t say no! Then you will have something super exciting to look forward to in the New Year! […]


Cheap Prague Flights

Return flights deal!

If you’re planning a city break in November 2017, then these insanely cheap Prague flights might come in handy :) Prague is a great destination, a city full of culture and perfect to have a great time with your beloved, your Mam, or with your best friend. So take the chance to discover this lovely […]


Cheap Flights to Salzburg

Cheap Return Flights from London

Today I’ve found you some pretty awesome flights to the stunning Austrian city of Salzburg. This city in the north of Austria is close to the border with Germany, so while you are here you might even get to travel as far as Munich! Salzburg itself is a city heaped with musical culture. It’s the birthplace of […]


Cheap New York Flights from Belfast

Return Flights from Belfast

Wouldn’t it be an absolute dream to have a city break to New York? Well now that dream can become a reality with these Cheap New York Flights from Belfast! From my Flight Fare Finder you can find return flights starting from just £173 pp. Cheap New York Flights from Belfast It’s no secret that […]


Cheap Return Manchester Flights

November Flights to Hamburg, Netherlands or Brussels

Take a 2 night break to either Eindhoven, Hamburg, or Brussels with these super cheap Manchester flights. You can take a mini break in November with your flights costing just £28! Cheap Return Manchester Flights Cheap Return Flights to Eindhoven The cheapest flights at just £26 mean you could go to Eindhoven which is in the south of […]


Cheap Return Edinburgh Flights

November Flights to Poland, Netherlands or Brussels

Nothing quite beats a 2-night mini break to an exciting city that you have never been to before! I have found you these 3 super cheap Edinburgh flights starting from £25 going up to £30. You could go to Gdansk in Poland, Eindhoven in Netherlands or Brussels! Take a look at what I have found […]


Cheap Return East Midlands Flights

November Flights to Dublin, Limoges or Milan

It’s always frustrating when you find cheap flights from an airport that you have to pay loads to get to, right?! Well, if you’re one of those people that lives near East Midlands airport and you’re looking for some cheap flights away, you’ve come to the right place! I have found you 3 East Midlands […]


Cheap Return Newcastle Flights

December Flights to Dublin, Faro & Warsaw

For all of you Newcastle folk, here are some super cheap Newcastle flights that you can take full advantage of! I have found you 3 flights with Ryanair in December at just £20 pp. This is a city break haven! Escape to  Dublin, explore Faro or get in the Christmas spirit in Warsaw with these cheap Newcastle flights :D Cheap Return […]


Cheap Return Belfast Flights

Belfast Flights to Berlin, Milan or Girona

Why is it that so many holiday deals have flights just from London? Well, I am now going to try my hardest to find cheap flights that suit you! I have found you 3 flights with Ryanair starting from £30 pp. You have the chance to have a short break to Berlin, a city break […]


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