Jamaica is one of those islands that everybody wants to go to. It’s just a shame that it’s so far away and usually costs so much money. This deal makes your dream of enjoying the weather on a beach during December possible!

I combined a cheap flight deal with a great hotel deal, so you would need to book your flights and the hotel separately:

You would be staying in the Bethel Court Guesthouse for your 14 night stay (4/5 on TripAdvisor). This is a really cheap way of staying in Jamaica when you book the hotel through hotels.com. It would only cost you £289 per room for the 14 nights, which is amazing!

The flights I have found are on flights.thomson.com and cost only £299 per person. These flights are leaving from Birmingham Airport on 10/12/2014 and would return on 24/12/2014. With these flights, it would bring the cost of your trip up to £444 per person which, for a two week holiday in Jamaica, is an absolute bargain!

Whilst you’re in Montego Bay you just need to relax. Enjoy the stunning beaches, make the most of the weather and love the fact that all of your friends are insanely jealous. If you fancy a day away from the beach, I would recommend heading to the Croydon Plantation, it’s one of the typical things to go an see in Jamaica and is definitely an interesting visit!

If you wanted a more luxurious hotel whilst you’re staying there, then you could find a bargain on hotels.com. One of the examples I have found is for Toby’s Resort (4/5 on TripAdvisor), which would cost £830 per room for the 14 nights, which would make your trip £714 per person, if two adults went on this trip, which is still a really affordable way for you to stay in Jamaica for 2 weeks.

This is a really good opportunity that is not to be missed out on. It’s last minute, it’s to a gorgeous, hot island and it’s the excuse you’ve been looking for to get away during the hectic build up to Christmas.
Jamaica sunset

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Bethel Court Guesthouse
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