Lisbon, a city famous for cathedrals, culture and sardines. It is one my favourite cities because it balances modernity with history perfectly. That combined with the fact that the beach is always a stones throw away, you can’t really get much more from a city.

You will be staying in the Hotel Alvorada, which has received a TripAdvisor rating of 82%, as well as a Certificate of Excellence for 2014. This hotel is in Estoril, which is a smaller area just outside of Lisbon. To get there you have two options; public transport or a taxi. I would recommend the Taxi because it’s easier and only costs £5 each way. Please note that if you do get a taxi, you should check the price before you get in because they have a tendency to try and overcharge. If not you could use the metro and train system, which would cost slightly more. For more details see here.

This deal is available to you through for only £108 per person. This includes your Hotel, Flights and Breakfast. It makes it so much easier, knowing that you don’t have to worry about finding breakfast the morning after you arrive. Helps you relax completely into the holiday.

Whilst in Lisbon there is an endless list of things that you could do. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the most expensive chapel in the world, or São Roque Church. When you go in, you are immediately aware of why it has that title; everything is made from gold. The intricate details on the walls, the figurines, absolutely everything has gold either embedded into it or around it. It is one of the most beautiful churches you will ever set foot in and is definitely worth a visit.

Just around the corner from this church is the most amazing ice cream shop called Santini’s. You have to visit. They make their own ice cream, and have been doing for years. It’s really good value and the flavours are really different. There is no ice cream better than this one.

On the train line from Estoril to Lisbon city centre, you will see a stop called Belem. Here you will find a tower that is an old merchants building. You get beautiful views and stunning photos, so if you’ve got a spare few minutes it is definitely worth a visit!

This is the perfect city break. It’s warm, it’s interesting and it’s beautiful. There is not much more that you could ask from a 4 Night trip away. So break up your Autumn, finish it with a bang and head back to work feeling like a new person.

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