This trip is the perfect family holiday. It is the perfect excuse for you to all get away, enjoy some sunshine and forget that the school run and work ever happened. Everybody knows that the first term back is the most tiring term of all, so why not take a break and head to Rhodes for a week?!

The Hotel you will be staying in is the Hotel Lindos View, which has received a 92% rating on TripAdvisor as well as receiving a Certificate of Excellence for 2014. Your hotel is just over 1km from the beach, which makes it a really easy stroll whenever you decide to head down.

It is also only 700m away from the nearest village, making it really easy for you to go and explore a bit if you fancy a day away from the beach. There are some really nice restaurants in the village as well, so if you don’t feel like cooking on any particular evening, you don’t have to worry about it.

There’s plenty to do if you want to do something a bit more active. You could go out snorkelling along the coastline to see what you can see, maybe even go diving for a beautiful sea urchin shell (once the spikes have fallen off they turn beautiful colours). St Paul’s Bay is probably the best place for snorkelling in Rhodes, as well as being on of the prettiest bays on offer.
If you wanted to do something a little bit different you could definitely think about a donkey ride to the acropolis, it’s a really surreal moment watching a group of people on a donkey but really good fun!

This trip will only cost you £180 per person and is only available at this price through! It’s a really great deal for a family of four. Everybody needs a holiday at this time of year, October is the first full month of Autumn and everybody’s spirits always need lifting. This is just the ticket.
St Paul's Bay at Lindos on the Island of Rhodes

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