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Now hold the phone just one sec – I’m not the one holding this competition… But my word, how could you miss out on this! Airbnb is currently having a giveaway where you can have the chance to win an overnight stay in none other than the legendary Guinness Storehouse in Dublin! Read on for a closer look at this mind-blowing prize and how simple it is to enter!

Guinness – the lifeblood of the Irish. And undoubtedly one of our most famous exports too. It’s a drink that has a fond place in our hearts and culture, and let’s face it – when you’re abroad on holiday there’s nothing better than finding a bar that has it on tap! So, when I found out that Airbnb is currently giving away the chance to spend a night in a gorgeous penthouse suite in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, I was fair excited meself!

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin – a slice of heaven!

This isn’t just a usual bed-and-breakfast stay, mind you. No no, it’s MUCH more than that. It’s an experience – one that will see you delve into the company’s history, its iconic advertising and the mastery behind the craft thanks to exclusive VIP tours, viewings and tasting sessions. If you love Guinness as much as I do, then this is quite literally a dream come true!

The tours you’ll be getting won’t be the usual ones that people normally book themselves in for. Instead you’ll be escorted by your own personal guide, who’ll show you and inform you about areas that are otherwise shut off from the public, including old railway lines, subterranean passages and winding walkways. It’ll give you an entirely new perspective on it all, even if you’ve been to the storehouse before!

After you’ve explored all the areas, it’s then on to the Gravity Bar. You may have been here before to enjoy a pint above the skyline of Dublin, but this time you’re not just there to have a tipple. In fact, it’ll be transformed into your own personal quarters where you’ll actually be spending the night. But not before your tastebuds have been spoilt rotten mind you!

After your tours  you’ll be taught a masterclass in how to pour the perfect pint, and you can even learn more about Guinness’ iconic advertisements and toucan. Then you can get yourselves settled in for the evening. Get your favourite tunes on via the high-end sound system and prepare for a feast of a lifetime. The executive chef will be coming to personally create and deliver you a luxurious 6-course meal! And this is all with breathtaking, 360 degree views of Dublin city centre below you. Enjoy the sunsets and marvel at the city lights as night slowly falls.

When morning breaks, your Guinness experience is far from over. Your day will be off to the perfect start thanks to a luxurious breakfast, but what follows that is a tour that beer lovers will be looking forward to the most. Peter Simpson, one of Guinness’ brewers, will be talking you through the whole process and science behind brewing and the select ingredients that go into a pint.

This really is the Holy Grail for all beer lovers, and I’m in absolute awe! And if you’re like me, wanting to get in on this straight away, then don’t fret. It’s actually relatively simple to enter. All you have to do is just write a short text to answer the question “What makes you the world’s biggest Guinness fan?” Such an easy question, and there are so many ways you could answer… but I’ll leave it up to you! Be as creative as you want and just keep those fingers crossed!

For more information then just take a look at Airbnb’s website. All of the Ts&Cs are there, so just have a quick read of them and be sure to have a proper look at their photo gallery for that extra OMG factor. Best of luck! :)

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