As you’d expect from a member of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition collection, Mahali Mzuri safari camp in the Maasai Mara in Kenya is one of the slickest safari camps you’re likely to come across. In a private conservation area, which is approximately an hour’s flight due west of Nairobi, it’s right in the heart of the wildlife-rich plains and the migration path (July-October), ensuring wildlife aplenty, with a high chance of spotting some of the world’s most iconic and beautiful animals.

Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp: Luxury Gone Wild

A crop of just 12 stylish, space-age structures on the lush green hillside, the luxury tents boast wooden floors, a plush en-suite bathroom, heaps of living space and a raised patio with a view of the bush and beyond. You’ll have access to the luxe facilities, which include the dining, lounge and bar area, a 12-metre infinity pool with a sunbathing deck and the Nasaro spa treatment room. Oh, and if you’re struggling to get your mouth around the name that’s because it’s Swahili – it actually translates to “beautiful place”, which seems very apt!

Sir Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzuri safari tented camp is one of very few camps located in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, a private conservancy north of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, approximately 240 kilometres from Nairobi in Kenya. The property is located in the ideal spot to witness the migration and offers the opportunity to see an exceptional range of wildlife, including the Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhinos!

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri: the tents rise out of the bush like space-age cocoons of pure, unadulterated luxury. 

Mahali Mzuri7

Mahali Mzuri: the tents are in the heart of the action, with the stunning wildlife of the savannah ever-present.

Mahali Mzuri2

Mahali Mzuri: the tents feature large windows offering majestic views of the landscapes beyond.

Mahali Mzuri3

Mahali Mzuri: each tent has incredible features such as this gorgeous bathtub.

Mahali Mzuri10

Mahali Mzuri: imagine waking up in the morning to that view! This really is the wild. 

Mahali Mzuri8

Mahali Mzuri: the tents have balcony terraces where you can relax and survey the savannah.

Mahali Mzuri6

Mahali Mzuri: dining is just as luxe as you’d expect, with all of the tents having all-inclusive board. 

Mahali Mzuri5

Mahali Mzuri: the 12 metre infinity pool is perched above the landscape below – truly spectacular.

Mahali Mzuri13

Mahali Mzuri: imagine swimming in that pool and watching the wildlife below!

Mahali Mzuri12

Mahali Mzuri: the tents are perched on the hillside, providing some of the most magnificent views you’ll ever see.

Mahali Mzuri4

Mahali Mzuri: wildlife lies at the heat of the tents, so you’ll never have a dull moment. 


Mahali Mzuri: the Kenyan savannah is one of Earth’s most stunning natural landscapes.

Mahali Mzuri11

Mahali Mzuri: twice a day you can head out with experienced guides to see the wildlife up close.

Mahali Mzuri1

Mahali Mzuri: the tents are far too glamorous to be glamping – truly in a league of their own.

Booking the Mahali Mzuri tent suites is easier than you think – and doesn’t have to cost as much as you’d think either! The best place to book is on Secret Escapes, who frequently feature offers to this stunning safari destination. The deal from Secret Escapes includes your stay in one of the tent suites, all-inclusive board, two daily game drives, a one-day pass to the Maasai Mara park, unlimited access to the Motorogi and Olare Orok conservancies and visits to the local markets so you can get out and experience the culture of this fascinating region.

Booking the Mahali Mzuri Tents

Twice daily, you’ll hop into a 4×4 Land Cruiser with your experienced guide and explore the wild beauty of the 13,500 hectares of game land. This is a truly intimate experience with uninterrupted views of the animals, plus drinks on hand to toast the sunrise or sunset. Each day you’ll have a range of breakfast options, lunch, afternoon tea and a delicious dinner under the stars. Dishes are cooked fresh on-site and use ingredients straight from the camp’s own herb garden and from local farms. All drinks are included, including premium branded spirits, champagne and fine wines from a top wine supplier.

You’ll have to sign up or sign in to see the offer from Secret Escapes, but you can use your Facebook to sign in too. It’s well worth it whatever type of holiday you enjoy, as Secret Escapes always have a range of incredible exclusive offers. If you can’t find the offer from Secret Escapes then try a site such as which always offer deals – but they tend not to be quite as competitive as Secret Escapes.

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If the pictures weren’t enough for you, check out this mind-blowing video of the Mahali Mzuri resort to really get an impression of just how stunning the tents are. It’s got to be the world’s most glamorous safari, right?

There are lots of flights to Kenya from across the UK, including direct flights, but the cheapest tend to be with Turkish airlines and have a layover in Istanbul. Once you’ve arrived in Nairobi you’ll have to get yourself to the Mara North Conservancy, the stunning conservation park where the Mahali Mzuri tents are located. There are two Safarilink flights per day departing from Nairobi to the Mara North airstrip, by far the easiest way to get to your destination. You could also choose to drive, which would take you 5-6 hours across the stunning Kenyan countryside.

Getting to Mahali Mzuri

Once you’ve got to the Mara North airstrip you’ll be picked up and taken to the Mahali Mzuri complex, where you’ll be able to settle in before the adventure starts! Once you’re at the complex you really don’t have to worry about anything – the board basis is all-inclusive and all of your excursions are included.

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I think you’ll all have to agree with me when I say that the Mahali Mzuri is as glamorous as safari can get – unless you don’t! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been to Mahali Mzuri, or tell me about your memorable luxury hotel experiences. You never know, they may even end up on the blog!

Mahali Mzuri9

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