Previously called Verulamium, St. Albans was the third biggest city in Roman Britain! It is one of the smallest places in the UK officially known as a ‘city’ due to it’s fantastic cathedral. You may have heard of St. Albans either due to it’s cathedral’s long knave, the fact that it won the Mayfair spot on the Monopoly Board, or because of it’s Waffle House! As a resident of St. Albans, I can recommend a couple of places for you to go, including the Shaken Cow, a milkshake bar close to the clock tower in the center of town. As well as this, you should definitely go and see the Roman museum as well as the ruins. Don’t miss out on the tapestry in the Cathedral as well, because it tells the life of Saint Alban himself!

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You’ll be staying in the fantastic Springfield Manor (5/5 on TripAdvisor) and I can guarantee that it’s a cosy place to live on your St. Albans Stay! It’s located close to the M25 on the outskirts of St. Albans, and the property is surrounded by nature, trees and animals! In case you feel like staying in the area during the day, there are outdoor activities available to try out, including Archery and Shooting, so give it a go! There’s a fireplace, a balcony as well as a huge garden! Towels are also provided, so just pack the essentials, and drive down to St. Albans!

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