North-Rhine Westphalia

Discover the beauty of NRW!

When people mention Germany, the same things usually come to mind first. The abundance of Lederhosen at Oktoberfest, the huge steins overflowing with beer, the super-sized pretzels… Or perhaps you’re thinking about the buzzing nightlife in Berlin or Hamburg. But in the west of the country, there’s still a whole region that’s large in size, yet sorely overlooked. A region home to bustling cities, picturesque towns, dreamy castles and some of the most pristine nature in all of Germany.

This is the magic of North-Rhine Westphalia. It’s a place where there’s so much more than first meets the eye – as soon as you start scratching under the surface you’ll come across all sorts of picturesque places that look like they belong on a postcard. I’m always a firm believer that we should all give hidden gems a bit of extra love, which is why I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at NRW Tourismus to bring you guys a little spotlight on this under-appreciated region. Be inspired by this beautiful corner of Germany that’s only a short hop away from the UK!


From ancient history to breathtaking nature

The possibilities are truly endless in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Home to over 900 museums, 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a population of over 17 million, there’s no end to the cultural offerings you can get stuck into here. And it’s not just limited to beautiful architecture either! Why not join in the colourful festivities of Karneval, or celebrate Christmas the proper way at one of the many cosy German Christmas markets that take place during the advent season?

If all that still wasn’t enough for you, then strap on your hiking boots and start exploring the great outdoors! The landscapes of NRW range from the pleasant meadows by the River Rhine to the pine-fringed hills and mountains of the Sauerland. Whether you want to set off on a breathtaking cycle tour or kick back by a picturesque lake, you can be sure that there’s plenty to fall in love with here.

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