Everybody knows that Christmas really begins when the Coca-Cola advert is first shown on TV. The iconic song, the red, the brand that changed Father Christmas into the red-wearing, happy, round-faced man we have all grown to know and love. The Coca-Cola Truck tour has also become one of the most awaited events in the Calendar year!

Every year the truck changes the locations that it travels to, sometimes bypassing bigger cities to go and visit smaller towns; you would be surprised by some of the places that it is going to stop in this year! It is going to travel around Scotland, England and Wales like every year. It will be making 46 stops between 20/11/2015 and 23/12/2015; that’s a lot of chances for you to go and see it!

With the coca-cola truck comes you will be given a complimentary drink of the drink that is more of a global phenomenon than it is a beverage. Whilst sipping on this, you will be able to enjoy the lit-up Coca-Cola truck that has become such an iconic symbol and enjoy listening to a choir sing all of your favourite Christmas songs. It’s the perfect way for you to get into the Christmas spirit!

Here is a list of the places that the truck will be stopping:

  1. Inverness – 20th Nov
  2. Fraserburgh – 21st Nov
  3. Perth – 22nd Nov
  4. Edinburgh – 23rd Nov
  5. Newquay – 24th Nov
  6. Glasgow – 24th Nov
  7. Tavistock – 25th Nov
  8. Gateshead – 26th Nov
  9. Paignton – 26th Nov
  10. Barnstaple – 27th Nov
  11. Middlesbrough – 27th Nov
  12. Penrith – 28th Nov
  13. Yeovil – 28th Nov
  14. Morecambe – 29th Nov
  15. Weymouth – 29th Nov
  16. Newtown – 1st Dec
  17. Colwyn Bay – 2nd Dec
  18. Llanelli – 2nd Dec
  19. Cardiff – 3rd Dec
  20. Chester – 3rd Dec
  21. Liverpool– 4th Dec
  22. Swindon – 4th Dec
  23. Manchester – 5th Dec
  24. The O2 Greenwich, London – 5th Dec
  25. The O2 Greenwich, London – 6th Dec
  26. Wigan – 6th Dec
  27. Huddersfield – 9th Dec
  28. Great Yarmouth – 9th Dec
  29. Bury St Edmunds – 10th Dec
  30. Leeds – 10th Dec
  31. Ripon – 11th Dec
  32. Watford – 11th Dec
  33. Bridlington – 12th Dec
  34. Reading – 12th Dec
  35. Gloucester – 13th Dec
  36. Sheffield – 13th Dec
  37. Bournemouth – 16th Dec
  38. Nottingham – 16th Dec
  39. Leicester – 17th Dec
  40. Winchester – 17th Dec
  41. Peterborough – 18th Dec
  42. Eastbourne – 18th Dec
  43. Margate – 19th Dec
  44. Romford – 20th Dec
  45. TBC, London – 22nd Dec
  46. Leicester Square, London – 23rd Dec

Tp find your nearest stop, click here!

coca-cola truck

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