The Leeds and Reading Festival has long been one of the most desirable festivals to go to in the UK. It manages to combine a getaway with your mates, with a line up which is often better than all of the other festivals around. This definitely is your chance to get your tickets early, before they sell out!

Leeds and Reading Weekend Tickets

The tickets are available on – so you know they’re legit. Weekend tickets start at £213 per person, this is the price for both Reading and Leeds.. so it just depends on where’s nearer, or which location you’d prefer.

For those of you who have never been to a festival.. where have you been? Everybody has to go to a festival at least once in their life, even if it’s just for the experience. Personally, I prefer going to the festivals with the music I like best.. and actually, Leeds and Reading tends to be spot on.

The line up for this year is looking as brilliant as ever, including bands like Mumford & Sons as well as Bastille and then the other end of the spectrum like Metallica and even the Manchester Orchestra. I love Leeds and Reading festival because the music is so diverse, it always has something for everybody.

People always want to know the difference between the two… well realistically there isn’t much of a difference. You constantly hear people saying “oh.. most bands prefer X” and then somebody else says the exact opposite. Of course the bands say they prefer the festival that you’re at.. how else would they pump up the crowd? The main difference is the location – the festival in Leeds is a way outside of Leeds, which means that they aren’t as restricted by noise as the one in Reading, which is really central.

So if you think you’re up for a week of awesome music, with awesome people and an experience that has to be had by everybody.. this is definitely what you’re looking for.
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leeds/reading festival tickets

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