It’s August and you’re planning already your Oktoberfest trip? Well your Holidayguru is all set for the biggest beer fest in the world and of course I want my followers to meet me there! If you haven’t had the chance to grab tickets to this huge outdoor party in Munich, then here’s your last chance! I found a great deal for accommodation and access to the fairgrounds on, and could still get you cheap tickets to get to Munich on Prices are usually extortionate to fly there… So make your bookings separately on those websites!

Oktoberfest – The World’s largest Fun Fair

Something you probably never dared asking or never thought of, might be why do the Germans celebrate this festival. Ok, beer is certainly enough to celebrate but actually it started out as being the wedding party with horse racing for the German prince and princess Ludwig and Therese. The festival was so well received that it was decided to be repeated annually. Nowadays, it is the world’s largest fun fair with over 6 million visitors every year. It takes place at the Theresienwiesn (after the princess’ name) and is full of attractions for the wee and older ones. In the gigantic tents you can relax with hearty German food like “Schweinshaxe” and cheese pretzels and wash it all down with a “Maß” of beer. That’s a full litre in one glass and you think, why did we not come up with these glasses? :) The beer is of course brewed according to German purity standards and contain between 5,8% und 6,4% alcohol.
Before you go, you have to however fit in with your looks. Make sure you get yourself a pair of Lederhosen or a pretty Dirndl, the dress for the ladies. Then there is nothing that will stop you from having the ultimate Oktoberfest feeling!

Practical is, your accommodation Wies’n Loft (4.5/5 on TripAdvisor) is directly at the fairgrounds, called the Wies’n. It is a well organised camp ground where you will stay in a double room container, with a huge catering tent close by where you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and many other snacks. Showers and toilets are of course also provided! There is even a wellness tent to make the hangover less worse… The flights I picked for you have just the perfect timing, as the plane leaves early in the morning and flies back in the evening on the next day. So you get to spend full two days in Munich.

So get in your Lederhosen or Dirndl and look forward to fantastic experience on the Wies’n!

group drinking beer oktoberfest

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