British boybands have long been producing some of our famous music. This boyband, now more of a man-band is where the crazed fans really started to get going; Take That. Having swept the nation up when they got back together, and again where Robbie came back. Now they’re back for a third time!

Granted, there are only three of them this time, but still; the voices are still as good, and they still have the dance moves. What is not to love about an opportunity for you to go and see this band? If you’re really disappointed, you needn’t be; Gary Barlow has been quoted during an interview as saying he anticipates that Robbie and Jason will return for the next album!

They’re going on a tour of the UK next year (2015), here’s a list of where they are going:

  • Glasgow (27/04/2015 – 01/05/2015)
  • Belfast (04/05/2015 – 05/05/2015 )
  • Birmingham (11/05/2015 – 18/05/2015 + 22/06/2015)
  • Newcastle (19/05/2015 + 02/07/2015)
  • Manchester (21/05/2015 – 30/05/2015 + 29/06/2015)
  • Sheffield (01/06/2015 – 02/05/2015)
  • London (04/06/2015 – 15/06/2015)

These tickets are available to you on The prices vary depending on where you want to go, with Belfast being the cheapest at £60 per ticket, the more expensive being London at £65.90 (not that there’s much in it). If you wanted to find a hotel to stay in whilst you’re seeing them, I would recommend using either or; they have really good hotel deals.

This is a really good opportunity for you to go and see what is probably one of the greatest bands ever.


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