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Aerial view of Santa Maria in Sal Island Cape Verde – Cabo Verde

4* Cape Verde Holiday

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Super Cheap Cape Verde Flights

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Cape Verde break

Cape Verde Break

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Cape Verde

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Cape Verde – the best offers on the internet

If you’re dreaming of a break that’s a little different, a holiday in Cape Verde is a great choice. The Republic of Cabo Verde is 570 kilometres from the coast of West Africa and is made up of 15 islands in total. Only nine of them are inhabited. You can expect the perfect conditions for an active but also relaxing break in the middle of the Atlantic. The particularly great thing about Cape Verde is that you don’t have to share the dream beaches and the picturesque mountains with countless other tourists. Mass tourism has spared the island so far. If you’re planning a holiday to Cape Verde, then there’s some exciting information on a few of the most popular islands for you now.

Popular destinations for a holiday in Cape Verde

The nine inhabited islands of Cape Verde are all completely different. Some of them look like the surface of the moon with extinct and active volcanoes. Mountain ranges run across other islands and tempt you to go hiking. The scenic features of some islands are dry steppes, while luscious green forests characterise others. As different as the individual islands are, one thing is true of them all – they are home to heavenly beaches and it’s hot all year round. Cape Verde hasn’t earned the nickname ‘the islands of eternal summer’ for nothing!

Santiago – the green pearl of the Atlantic

The biggest of the Cape Verde islands is Santiago. In comparison to the other inhabited islands, it rains here more frequently. This means that Santiago is the greenest and most fertile island in the archipelago. If you decide to spend your holiday in Cape Verde here, get ready for a lot of variety. The landscape is ideal for loads of different activities. The two mountain ranges on the island offer the best conditions for an active hiking holiday. Conquer the mountains and enjoy magical nature. From up there, you can let your eyes wander over the island’s barren dry steppes, which change into luscious, green valleys. You can’t find this scenery on any other island in Cape Verde. The icing on the cake of this diverse landscape are the long sandy beaches. The Ribeira da Prata is a particular gem. Coconut trees line the beach near Tarrafal. Plus, you’re treated to a gorgeous sight as the blue sea meets the black sand. In addition, you can enjoy it practically alone on your holiday. Although Santiago is the biggest island in Cape Verde, only a few tourists find their way here.

Praia, the capital of the group of islands, is also worth a visit. It’s in the southeast of the island and the city centre is characterised by colonial buildings from by-gone eras. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace and the old fort are other sights which you also shouldn’t miss. After the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can lie back and relax on the beach. Enjoy the peace and quiet and think about what you’ve just seen. You can also go on a snorkelling or diving trip. Cape Verde’s underwater world is full of colourful coral reefs and fascinating animals. You’ll have an exciting holiday in Cape Verde. Santiago means hiking, treks, big city flair, and sunny hours on dreamy beaches.

Fogo – the fire island

The island of Fogo is west of Santiago. If you love volcanoes, then this is the perfect destination for your holiday in Cape Verde. Fogo means fire, and the name says it all! The landscape is dominated by the highest mountain in the archipelago. Pico do Fogo is an active volcano and is almost 2,900 metres in height. The National Park with its volcanic cone is a paradise for ramblers. A definite must during your Cape Verde holiday on Fogo is climbing the volcano. After reaching the top, you deserve a break on the beach. There are lots of places for swimming on Fogo. But, one stands out the most – Ponta da Selina, a natural swimming pool in the sea. Cliffs surround the pool. The naturally-formed rock gates also give you an unforgettable view of the Atlantic.

Another highlight is the biggest city on the island, São Filipe. It is the fourth-biggest city in Cape Verde. I recommend visiting the city centre. It’s also a perfect base to reach the volcano’s crater. Fogo is a destination which is suited to shorter breaks rather than a long holiday. You can walk up to the crater and visit São Filipe in one day. You can then see other Cape Verde islands and go on a discovery tour of the archipelago.

Boa Vista – the sand and sea paradise

You definitely have to put the third-biggest island in the archipelago high on your list of places to visit in Cape Verde. Boa Vista means ‘beautiful view’. You can enjoy just that from many places on the island. Divine beaches and dunes are characteristic of Boa Vista. As the ‘pearl’ of Cape Verde, it lives up to its name. The whole island is in pristine condition and there is also a relaxing atmosphere. Mass tourism hasn’t arrived here yet. Nevertheless, the island already caters to tourists from all over the world. Hotels are going up, and the number of international flights is also rising. If you want a relaxing holiday in Cape Verde and you love nature, Boa Vista is the right place for you. Some of the many beaches are miles long. The sand is white and the sea is turquoise blue. Welcome to paradise on earth. Beaches merge into picturesque dunes. A beautiful view is guaranteed. Take a walk through the dunes and relax on the beach afterwards. Pure relaxation awaits.

Have a go at some of the numerous water sports on offer, if you want an alternative to relaxing. The wind and water conditions are ideal. This means lots of surfers come to Boa Vista. You can also look forward to discovering a fascinating world under the water. You can see countless shipwrecks on the seabed as well as coral and different types of fish. Another interesting destination for a day trip is the island capital, Sal Rei. The sleepy atmosphere adds to your relaxation. Rushing and stress have no place here. Instead, you can take a look at the town’s main square, church, quayside, and ship builder’s yard. If you’re ever in Sal Rei, you should remember your swimming things. The bays are sheltered from the wind and are the perfect spots for bathing and sunning yourself. Going to the island of Boa Vista is definitely worth it if you fancy a relaxing beach break. Between beaches, you can go on a discovery tour – an ideal combination, which also ensures you’re never bored on your holiday in Cape Verde.

Sal – the perfect destination for beach lovers

Near Boa Vista, there is another island, called Sal, which bathers love. Salt Island is one of the smaller inhabited islands, but it is still popular for a holiday in Cape Verde. You can always see the sun because Sal is mostly flat – Monte Grande is the highest elevation at 405 metres. Clouds never cover the island for long. It’s perfect, then, for a holiday on the long, golden beaches. You can mainly find them along the south coast of the island. You can break up sunbathing with water sports and experience some action with windsurfing or kite-surfing. If you want to do something different, head to the north of the island. Here, there are lava cliffs, which make a great landscape for hiking. There are also wonderful beaches. They are rocky so you need sturdy shoes for a walk along the beach.

There are some interesting sights on Sal. You have to see the Blue Eye. It is a natural phenomenon in Buracona, which is produced by the sun shining through a hole in the volcanic cliffs at midday. The Atlantic shines a fascinating blue colour. After this spectacular event, you can take a dip in the natural sea pool nearby. The salt works, which the island is named after, are another highlight. The salt mines near Pedra de Lume are especially worth seeing. Here, there is a caldera, which you can go inside through a tunnel. You can bathe in the salt pans and you’ll never sink under the water because of the high salt content. Instead, you float on the surface.

Another tourist attraction is the town of Santa Maria. Here, you’ll find the beating heart of the island as well as big hotel resorts. The crowning glory of the town is the long and extremely wide beach. Santa Maria on Sal is the perfect destination for a first-class bathing holiday. Espargos, the capital, and the port town of Palmeira are also lovely places, which you shouldn’t miss on your holiday in Cape Verde. The island’s international airport is in Espargos. There are also shops with various goods as well as different accommodation. If you want to feel the Republic’s Portuguese roots, go to Palmeira. Here, there are cosy bars and restaurants.

To get to know Cape Verde in all its beauty, you could think about a round trip or island hopping. In this way, you can find out about the different sides to the islands and you miss nothing. Whichever island you decide on, there are more islands than the ones I’ve described in this article. I hope you have an amazing holiday in Cape Verde!

My holidayguru tip: a holiday in Cape Verde is perfect whatever the season. You’ll have a warm, sunny break from January to December.