India, Maldives, Sri Lanka Cruise

14 Nights incl. Full Board & Flights

Have you always thought about trying out a cruise? This is the perfect time to book one for 2017! Go and explore the stunning sights in India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka! Remember, you only get a couple of days at each location, so do as much exploring as you can, and most importantly, get […]


Amsterdam Mini Cruise

2 Nights incl. Cruise & Breakfast

Have the ultimate getaway with a cruise to Amsterdam and explore this wonderful city.


Awesome Mediterranean Cruise

8 Nights incl Cruise, 1 Night Marseilles Break & Flights

I’ve really got a great getaway today! Who doesn’t want to take off into the open seas and just let all your worries wash away? That’s exactly what you get here thanks to this banging getaway that I’ve spotted on Tour Center.  Book this great Mediterranean cruise today! With this wonderful deal you can spend a […]


Mini Amsterdam Cruise

2 Nights incl. Cruise & Breakfast

Have the ultimate trip with this mini cruise to Amsterdam.


4* Amsterdam Mini Cruise

3 Night Cruise incl. 4* Hotel & Transfers

Travel to Amsterdam in style with this awesome deal from Wowcher where you can have an Amsterdam mini cruise before staying in a 4* hotel. 4* Amsterdam Mini Cruise These vouchers from Wowcher are just awesome! You have the chance to travel in a cruise boat in a comfortable, cosy cabin, complete with a bathroom, bedding, towels, a plug point […]


Dubai Cruise

8 Nights incl. Cruise, Flights & Hotel

Stay in a luxury, have a 7 night cruise and explore the best parts of Dubai?! Yes please. Take a look at this deal which is amazing value for money! Here’s a treat that you can’t miss! Your Dubai Cruise So, how does this fantastic holiday start!? You will fly from either London Heathrow or […]


London & Newcastle: 1 Night Cruise incl. Full Board, Entertainment and Leisure Facilities from £59

Fancy a cruise but the hassle of booking tickets, flights and days off to go abroad is putting you off? Enjoy a mini cruise on the North Sea with this little deal I found on Groupon.! It’s a fancy adventure close to home – all aboard! Your cruise along the British coastline There’s no […]


Mediterranean Cruise (6 Destinations!): 7 Nights incl. Full Board Room & Flights from £299

Always wanted to go on a cruise but put off by the steep prices? Check out this cruise and flights deal I found on Wowcher where you could be sailing round the Mediterranean on a full board basis for 7 nights.. from only £299 per person!!  They don’t call me the HolidayGuru for nothing! ;-) […]

Cruises – the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Caribbean & more – the best offers at a glance

Set sail on a cruise and discover the world by sea. That’s the dream for many. Cruises often have the reputation of being unaffordable. However, on this website I’ll show you that this is not the case. Every day I post cruise deals with renowned cruise companies that you can book for a bargain price. There are cruise deals for every part of the world. From a Mediterranean cruise through the Canary Islands or a cruise in the Caribbean, you’ll find them all here. Mini cruises are also popular, for example in the North and Baltic Sea. Other popular cruise routes are along the west coast of the USA, Hawaii, the East and South-East Asia. Take a look at the various offers and have a perfect comparison as well as a selection of destinations to choose from! Whether a Caribbean, River Nile, or Mediterranean cruise – get curious about these tempting offers that will make it possible for you to go on your dream trip on a boat for a great price!

The advantages of a cruise

In comparison to package deals and city breaks, sea voyages on a cruise ship have some clear advantages. On a cruise, you get fabulous views of the sea and you can enjoy the sun and the fresh sea air. Delicious food on board will sweeten your stay and sightseeing tours around the different places will round off your trip. Cruise ships stop at several places that the cruise companies have selected as there are plenty of things to see there. When the ship docks, you have time to wander around and discover the area. You could visit the various beaches and have tons of fun splashing about in the sea and sunbathing. This is the main advantage of a cruise, you get to visit lots of great places and do plenty of discovering all in one trip. The cruise ship also offers fantastic accommodation. With culinary delights and various sports and wellness opportunities as well as an entertainment programme, you certainly won’t be bored. The crew take care of everything on board as well as your excursions on land to ensure that you feel good. Don’t forget the beautiful view of the glimmering water, that will leave you dreaming. As a cruise ship provides you with a place to sleep as well as transport from place to place, you won’t need to book a hotel or transfers. With cruises abroad, you have the option to include flights to the start port in the package. Or simply arrange them separately. It’s up to you.