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Aerial view of Koviou beach in Halkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki Getaway

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All Inclusive Halkidiki Holiday

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Halkidiki Holiday

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Halkidiki Single Holiday

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Luxury Halkidiki Holiday

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Halkidiki – a Greek holiday with many facets

For a long time now Greece has been a popular destination for a holiday full of sun. Many holiday makers are particularly drawn to a stay in Halkidiki. The Greek peninsula isn’t too far away from the UK, so you’re just a short flight away from your dream holiday. Find out here what to expect on a holiday to Halkidiki and why this destination is worth it for all types of holiday makers.

A holiday to Halkidiki – fundamental knowledge for your trip

Although many holiday makers have visited the region of Halkidiki. Others don’t actually know where this popular holiday destination is located. Well, if you’re on holiday in Halkidiki, you’ll find yourself on a peninsula in the northeastern part of the Greek mainland, just south of Thessaloniki. Halkidiki is made up of three spits that jut out into the Aegean sea. On a map it looks like a hand with three fingers. The three fingers differ in terms of landscape – if you want to sit back, relax and soak up the sun on a beach, love to hike or simply want to escape daily life and avoid masses of tourists, come to Halkidiki. In this area of around 3,000 km², there’s a lot to discover. And in the peak time, from May to October, there are numerous activities for holidaymakers to do. Not to mention the culinary delights which the Greeks will spoil you with. Culture is also on the agenda. Numerous sights from the ancient world are waiting to be photographed by you. With a holiday to Halkidiki, your wanderlust will definitely be satisfied.

Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos – Poseidon’s trident

What makes this region so special is definitely the shape. Due to it’s three capes, which protrude into the Aegean sea, Halkidiki was given the nickname “Poseidon’s Trident”. The individual headlands are Kassandra, Sithonia and the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos. I’m going to show you the differences between these three Greek capes.

Kassandra – a tourist stronghold

The highlights of Kassandra are the beaches. They draw in sun-hungry holiday makers every year. In addition to the extensive beaches, there are many small bays which are perfect for you to relax on. There are numerous shopping opportunities and if you fancy a typical Greek meal then you can stop off in one of the many picturesque taverns. Due to it being by the sea, there is fresh fish available every day. If you can’t go without vibrant nightlife on your holiday to Halkidiki, then Kassandra is right up your street. Party until the sun comes up in the clubs and bars. If you’re looking for the perfect beach holiday then Kassandra is an ideal destination!

Farming is another feature of the first cape. Due to the flat land – the highest mountain does’t even reach 400 metres – a lot of wheat is grown here.

Fun fact: There hasn’t always been bridges to get to Kassandra. Up until 1967, it was only possible to get there by ferry. Nowadays, you cross the bridge and you’ve already reached the first fascinating place in Kassandra, Néa Potídea. This place is located on the narrowest part of the cape.

By the way: Cassandra is also a figure from Greek mythology. She received the gift of prophecy from Apollo but when he failed to seduce her, he put a curse on her that meant nobody would ever believe her negative prophecies again.

Sithonia – a place of wanderlust

Halkidiki is not only the perfect place for sun lovers. If you’ve caught the travel bug and you fancy an active holiday, then visit Sithonia. The middle one of the three capes is much more hilly than the tourist hub of Kassandra. Mt. Itamos stretches along the headland and offers you breathtaking views. However, you don’t have to miss out swimming in the sea. Hidden behind the steep cliffs are many small coves. They are difficult to get to but once you get there the relaxation and sunbathing is more than worth it.

By the way: From the east of Sithonia, you’ve got great views of the third two capes and from the west, you can look across to Kassandra.

The Monastic Republic of Mount Athos – the mountain is calling

The main feature of Athos is the mountain of the same name. It’s 2000 metres high and located in the south of the cape. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a monastic republic. There are lots of monasteries here. Women aren’t allowed to visit this monastic republic and it’s for that reason that the eastern headland isn’t really a tourist hot-spot. Men don’t have it easy either. They must provide identification and get a permit to visit beforehand. That’s still better than it is for the women, who are only allowed to see the mountain from a boat.

Halkidiki’s beaches – enjoy the sun, sand and sea

On a holiday to Halkidiki, you can look forward to a total of 522 km of coast. Turquoise blue water and fine sand await you. In addition to the sandy beaches, there are also pebble beaches. Take a look at Tristinka and Kavourotripes beaches and start to dream.

The extensive beaches of Kassandra are particularly popular. For those who aren’t familiar with this region: The beaches to visit are Kallithea, Polichrono, Kriopigi and Pefkochori. Sani Beach near Nea Fokea is a must for beach lovers. Surrounded by pine trees, you can relax on fine sandy beaches. Discover small bays in the south of the western peninsula for a truly special bathing experience. Lie back and enjoy your Halkidiki holiday.

Sithonia also scores points in terms of bathing possibilities. Lagomandra Beach ranks among the most beautiful beaches in all of Halkidiki. Water sport activities as well as sunbeds and parasols are guaranteed. One of the longest beaches in Sithonia is Toroni Beach. It is almost two kilometres long and provides plenty of space for you to relax. Kalogria Beach is another great location to enjoy the beach life.

Halkidiki has loads more beaches to offer. You’ll find that some beaches are designed for tourists and others are visited by locals. Do you know how to discover the most beautiful beaches on your holiday? Hop into a rental car and hit the road. You’ll see the most beautiful of beaches on your journey.

Halkidiki’s attractions and interesting places

The beaches are definitely some of Halkidiki’s top attractions. However, the peninsula has many more sights at it’s disposal. For example, you can discover the underwater world of Halkidiki on a snorkelling tour. Many small towns, taverns and historical remnants await you on shore. Kassandria and Afytos are perfect places on the first cape that aren’t crowded with masses of tourists. Sani is a man-made village in Kassandra. The highlight here is Sani beach. A trip to Siviri is the perfect way to round off your discovery tour of all the places worth seeing on the first cape. It’s a quiet little town in Kassandra with beautiful spots that will cast a spell over you.

On the second cape of Halkidiki you’ll find less historical buildings – the real attraction is the landscape. Itamos, the highest peak in Sithonia, is a real highlight for hikers. You’ll never forget the views that are available from all over Mount Itamos. Another highlight on your Halkidiki holiday in Sithonia is the natural harbour of Porto Koufo. It’s the biggest of its kind. “The deaf harbour” is located on the south west tip of the headland. If it’s fresh sea food you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place here. Bon appetit!

On your holiday to Halkidiki you should take a look at the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos. It’s not possible to visit the island if you’re a woman. You can only look at the island from the boat. As a man, you have to make arrangements in order to be able to visit the island. You also have to request a date with the Pilgrim’s office in Thessaloniki. As soon as the date is booked you have to send a copy of your ID to the Pilgrim’s office. After another confirmation of the date, you will receive your Athos visa from the Pilgrim’s office in Ouranoupolis. The amount of visitors per day is limited. It’s best to get your visa as early as possible.

The inner area of Halkidiki also has lots of things to see. If you want to get to the bottom of Greece’s history, start in Stageira. From the birth place of Aristotle, you can go on to the ancient city of Olynthos. Under the surface of Halkidiki there are the Petralona caves to visit. After a tour of the caves you can visit the neighboring museum. Those who like to be on the water can take a trip along the Poteidaia canal. The man-made canal separates Halkidiki from the first cape, Kassandra. Other noteworthy sights in Halkidiki are the Temple of Ammon Zeus, the markets, Kelyfos turtle island and the Meteora monasteries. There’s so much to see on a holiday to Halkidiki.

You’ll find more tips for Halkidiki in my travel magazine.

Hotels in Halkidiki – the perfect accommodation for your holiday

You’ll find hotels all over the Halkidiki peninsula that offer you a beautiful place to stay on your trip. You can find large hotel complexes with many rooms in the tourist hub of Kassandra. On the second cape, Sithonia, it’s less touristy than Kassandra. Nevertheless, you’ll find numerous hotels and resorts where you can really enjoy yourself. With a huge selection of holiday homes, villas and aparthotels, the decision isn’t any easier. If you don’t want to spend your holiday in Halkidiki on one of the built-up capes, then the “Hand” also offers a lot of places to stay. From large holiday resorts to small independent hotels, you’ve got the choice of all types of accommodation. To make the decision easier, I’m going to show the best hotels in Halkidiki here.

Halkidiki offers – the best deals on myholidayguru.co.uk

So that you can have a fabulous holiday to Halkidiki, I regularly look for the best Halkidiki deals. I’ll share them with you here. Whether you’re a beach or nature lover. Package holiday maker or individual traveller. I find suitable Halkidiki deals for everyone at the cheapest prices. Have fun on your holiday to Halkidiki!