I have already shown you some unusual accommodation from tree houses in Sweden or tree houses  in the jungle to floating bungalows in the Caribbean, being just some of the best. But just as I think it can’t get any crazier, I stumbled across these wacky hotels which proved me wrong! I’ve picked out 10 of the most extraordinary hotels across the world, which are hard to beat in terms of creativity!

costa verde airplane2
Image: tripadvisor.co.uk

Aeroplane hotel in Costa Verde

Have you always wanted to stay the night in a Boeing? Well now you can, with this hotel in Costa Rica! The Costa Verde Hotel is actually a genuine aeroplane! It was bought in 1965 for just 2,000 dollars and then transformed into a hotel. A quick look inside shows that it’s actually quite comfy. There are two spacious rooms inside, a large terrace and on top of that, wonderful views! Now there you really can’t complain… If you want to stay in this extraordinary place then you’re looking at paying roughly £121 per night.

Neemrana Fort Palace in Alwar

If there is one thing the Indians really can do, then it’s got to be building palaces! The best example is obviously the impressive Taj Mahal, which everyone should visit once in their lifetime, but that’s not the only impressive building in India by a long way! Not too far from Delhi, there is a palace that you can actually stay in. The Neemrana Fort Palace in Alwar is a huge complex with a total of seven wings. Here you can really feel like a king, and the best thing about it – a night here costs just £90. Now that really is a bargain for staying in such spectacular accommodation!

V8 Hotel in Böblingen

For those of you wanting to stay in equally unique places but not willing or able to travel so far, then worry not, for there are also some crazy places to stay right here in Europe! One of these is the V8 Hotel in Germany’s Böblingen. In the former airport space, there are 34 rooms waiting to surprise and delight the car lovers out there. In each room there is a different car, acting as bed. Yep, you read that right – Here you can sleep in a real vintage car. The Mercedes Suite is a particular highlight, up in the former airport tower! The large suite offers four floors and a roof terrace. How cool is that?! A night in this themed hotel will cost you upwards of £143.

Verana Hotel in Puero Vallarta

Are you looking for a romantic and unique honeymoon location? Then you should take a closer look at the Verana Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. In this chic boutique hotel, heavenly views of the pacific ocean and the surrounding mountains await you. The total of 8 rooms impress with their modern interior and make you feel right at home right away. Each room has its own terrace, complete with views of course. But that is not all, my friends! The huge infinity pool where you can cool off has got to be a highlight. I could get to like this place! A night in this hotel costs about €300.

Hüttenpalast in Berlin

The Hüttenpalast in Berlin is definitely one of the coolest places to stay, because here you can get some of those camping vibes, without even being outside. How is that possible? The hotel isn’t offering guests a normal room, but rather small caravans or wooden huts. These are simply places in an old factory room and are meant to make camping easier for visitors. There are no weather risks or scary animals to make your life difficult. The guests have a firm roof over their heads but can still experience the enjoyment of camping at the same time. Prices for a night of indoor caravan camping start at £50.

Livingstone Lodge in Kent

In Livingstone Lodge in good old Kent, you get the ultimate safari experience. In the UK’s first safari hotel there are a total of 10 lodges waiting for you and plenty of wild animals! If you’re thinking that this sounds unglamorous, then you couldn’t be more wrong! The hotel offers an authentic atmosphere with a whole heap of luxury. Here you’ve got the perfect mix of camping and luxury holiday – You can’t let this unique experience pass you by. A night at the safari lodge costs about £120.

Juvet Landscape Hotel in Valldal

The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Valldal, Norway, is an absolute feast for the eyes, situated in the middle of the forest. So that guests get an unobstructed view of the lovely surroundings, each room is made completely of glass – just awesome! Here you are really at one with nature here and can take a break from everyday life. There is also a Jacuzzi and sauna – Juvet Landscape Hotel is exactly the right place to spend a restful, relaxing holiday. A night here will cost you upwards of €190.

Hotel Parchi del Garda am Gardasee

The Parche del Garda am Gardasee hotel will delight the whole family, not just the children. Here there are 4 animated themed rooms, which really pack a punch. From a talking carrot to a living tree, there are so many freaky effects to marvel at here. The hotel is just 10 minutes by car from Gardaland amusement park and is perfectly suited to a family holiday. If you don’t fancy such crazy effects, then there are also 233 other normal rooms to choose from, but really… Who would want such a boring room? The themed kids rooms cost upwards of £110 per night.

Husky Lodge in Switzerland

If you really want to experience a true winter adventure then you should book a room in the Husky Lodge Hotel in Switzerland. Here you stay in cosy little wood huts and have the chance to watch Siberian huskies. Surrounded by a fairy tale-like mountain backdrop, you can surrender yourself to nature and and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. Spend the day doings some snow sports then spend the evening by the fire – sounds attractive right? You can get a wooden hut in the Husky Lodge for £140 a night.

Hayema Heerd in Oldenhove

Farmers Hans and Wil Hooogeboom, from the small town of Oldenhove, have had a great idea to really boost their business. They offer tourists the chance to spend the night in authentic accommodation on parts of their farm Hayema Heerd. Here you can sleep on hay bales in a barn for example! Of course there is neither electricity nor Wifi, so it’s the perfect opportunity to really switch off for once and relax. You are able to admire the stars through the glass roof of the barn. Sometimes it’s nice to just go back to basics and do without all the luxury. Staying in Hayema Heerd costs just €95 a night.