Imagine being able to travel several times a month, without having to take a day’s holiday. Every week a different destination, a different country, a different culture – sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But how is this possible? Quite simply, get a job which involves travelling! Be it as a flight attendant, au pair or travel blogger – there are many ways to combine your passion with work. I have found 8 jobs that will not only satisfy your wanderlust but also fill your pockets.

Eight Jobs for People who Love to Travel

Travel blogger |Flight attendant | Cruise Ship Crew Member | Au Pair

Tour Guide |Hotel Tester| Travel Photographer |Language Teacher


8 Jobs For People Who Love to Travel

Travel blogger

Granted, travel bloggers are all over the place nowadays, which makes it increasingly difficult to earn money from the job. But with a little effort, anything is possible! Generally the larger your reach, the more requests from hotels and tourist associations you will receive. Before you can travel cheaply or for free with your blog around the world, you must initially build up a loyal community. Collect the existing material of your previous trips and publish them online. Write about your experiences, post beautiful travel photos on your social media channels and attempt to gain a following. But don’t underestimate this, because a good blog must be maintained. High-quality photos are very important and of course, should be accompanied by an interesting text – share your personal tips and experiences with readers. Average tips can be found all over the Internet – get creative and try to conjure up some of your own.

If you do not want to run your own blog, you can also work for one, of course. There are now many larger travel blogs that send their employees on trips. The Austrian Holiday Guru even offers an internship, where you travel around the world for 6 months. Marino currently has this coveted job: follow his updates about his travels around the world on Instagram and YouTube.

Flight attendant

If you like flying, this is the job for you! You get to travel the world and get paid for it – what more could you want? In this job, every day is different – within a week, you can visit several cities and experience various cultures. But that’s not all – you also receive discounts for family members and friends. Depending on the airline, there is always a certain quota of discounted tickets, which you will receive each year. The airline also provides accommodation for employees on long haul flights. Depending on your destination, you then have a few days to relax and discover the city. So, really you can’t complain! If you want to chance your arm as a flight attendant, then visit any airline’s website, such as British Airways, for more information.

Duty free service onboard


Cruise ship crew member

Do you want to discover several countries within a short space of time and go on a real adventure? Then you should become a crew member on a cruise ship! A new port, as well as new acquaintances, every day – you will have an unforgettable time on board. Of course, you should first make sure that you are fit to sail the seas! It also does not matter what you want to do onboard. Whether it be a waiter, chef, bartender or sailor, a cruise ship has a role for everybody. If you want to enjoy absolute freedom, whilst still earning a bit of money, take a look at some vacancies here.

Au Pair

Another way to earn money while discovering a new country is working as an au pair. Not only is accommodation provided, but you can even earn a bit of money. All you have to do is a bit of babysitting and housekeeping. How much free time you have depends on your host family, but in most cases, you will have enough time to explore the city and get to know a lot of new people. It’s super easy to find a suitable host family thanks to websites such as and The good thing is, you also have a ‘family of your own’, who will help you get to know your host country more easily.

Tour guide

Like to talk and love to travel? Then try a job as a tour guide! Imagine travelling regularly to your favourite cities and sharing your knowledge with others. If you’re always on the ball and have the ability to inspire others, then this is the job for you! You should be able to speak at least two foreign languages and be well-acquainted with the target countries. There are many travel agencies that regularly search for tour guides. If you are interested, why not inquire at companies such as Thomas Cook or Thomson as to whether there are any vacancies available.

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Hotel tester

For many, a hotel tester is the absolute dream job – what could be better than travelling the world and testing out accommodation for free? You simply can’t complain! But how do you become a hotel tester? The good news: you do not need any training for it! However, it could be helpful if you have completed a degree in tourism. Anybody can essentially become a hotel tester: you only have to assess the hotels according to certain criteria and subsequently create a report. There are many companies which offer this job, of which can easily be found on the internet.

Travel photographer

As a travel photographer, you get to travel the world and, with a bit of a luck, even get paid for it. But you have to find extraordinary motifs and sell them well – it is not easy to make a name for yourself as a travel photographer. For this job you certainly need a lot of patience and have a genuine passion for photography – money shouldn’t be the main incentive. In addition, it is often easier to work for a production company, as opposed to as a freelancer. Nowadays, it is also helpful if you can operate a drone because this will allow you to capture some truly extraordinary shots, which market very well.

Language teacher

Got a talent for languages? Then you could very easily work as a language teacher in a school. English teachers are in pretty high demand and are often sought after in countries such as Italy and Spain, as well as in continents such as Asia and Africa. You don’t even have to be a qualified teacher – so long as you can prove your language skills with the corresponding certificates.

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If you want to combine work with travel, these 8 jobs are simply ideal! Whether as a tour guide or language teacher – all of these jobs for people who love to travel will help you discover a new country while making a bit of money at the same time. So, do any of these appeal to you? Or maybe you already have some experience? Let me know in the comments below!