Culinary travels are very popular right now. More and more tour operators offer special tours which introduce the cuisine of a given region. If you’re planning a city break or a beach holiday and just can’t do without trying the culinary delights of the destination, these so-called gourmet tours are finally here! Whether a gourmet journey to beautiful Greece, a tapas tour in sunny Spain or even an indulgent ramble in oriental Marrakesh – you can go wherever your heart desires! Which destinations are worth visiting with regards to cuisine and why is a gourmet tour worthwhile? Well, you’ll find out right here!

A culinary journey – the recipe for a delightful trip

How to discover the culinary highlights of your holiday destination

Most of us know this feeling well: you’re on holiday enjoying the breathtaking surroundings, and you wondering what on earth to eat next. Those of you who have booked an all-inclusive package holiday don’t have to worry about that. But if you belong to the real gourmet sorts, for whom cuisine is the deciding factor for a holiday destination, then culinary travels are just the thing for you. Now there are more and more tour operators who specialise in this kind of travel. There are special gourmet trips where you can get to know a particular region from its tastiest side. These trips take you to the French wine region of Burgundy, to Umbria – the green heart of Italy, or to India, for example, to introduce you to the exotic world of this enchanting country.

If you can’t book a special gourmet holiday, but would rather like to combine your already organised holiday with some cuisine appreciation, you can also book a gourmet tour. Whether it’s a tapas tour in a Spanish capital or a chocolate tour through wonderful Brussels – every traveller will get their money’s worth. The advantage of such tours: you can decide at a whim where your culinary taste will take you, since the choice of culinary expeditions is huge!

5 worthwhile destinations – a travel destination to suit every taste

Trust me, your mouth will water when looking at these trips and tours, but this is just a glimpse into some of the many culinary highlights that can be discovered around the globe.

Wine tours in France

How about a nice wine tour across France, for example, which will introduce to you one or more wine regions of this enchanting country at a time? Head off to the wine country, visit small hidden wine cellars and discover the magnificently idyllic vineyards.

France is the birthplace of wine culture and because of this exclusive wine trips are offered here which are a real experience for wine connoisseurs as well as for novices. Quite often, however, these tours consist not just of wine tasting but also delicious gourmet menus which are accompanied by the matching wines of course. Especially popular are the French wine growing regions of Burgundy and Champagne, but also Aquitane, Provence and Languedoc-Rousillon. If you don’t want a whole monotonous wine trip, you can alternatively book a wine tasting tour during your stay in France, of course.

Tapas tour in Spain

Do you like little treats, prefer to taste a bit of everything and share a menu with a few other people so that you’re not too full by the end? Just head off to the sunny land of Spain. There are namely excellent tapas restaurants here, which have something to offer for every taste. Patatas bravas, potato wedges with spicy sauces, baguettes with serano ham, stuffed olives and aioli or even meatballs in tomato sauce and mushrooms in olive oil? Yes, the list of tapas specialities is long in many restaurants, and it’s therefore much better to order a small portion of everything. In case you’re not sure which area will provide the most delicious treats for your taste buds, simply book a tapas tour. The Spanish metropolis of Barcelona is very popular for such tours since it’s bursting with tapas bars. Would a cool city trip with tapas tour included not be just for you?

And because Spain is so amazing, there’s yet another destination for foodies here – the wonderful city of San Sebastian in the autonomous Spanish region of the Basque Country. Here too, small tapas are served as appetisers, called pintxos. In addition, various kinds of seafood are often offered here. If you’re after something more noble, let yourself be pampered by one of the chefs, since San Sebastian has the highest Michelin star density in relation to the population – there’s a grand total of nine here!

Exotic India

India is famous for its impressive structures and unique and varied landscapes. It’s primarily the many diverse spices and the oriental flair that make a culinary trip to India an unforgettable experience. When travelling there, you’ll notice the noticeable differences between regions. For example, a lot of meat is consumed in the north, mostly goat and lamb meat, and dishes often contain nuts, cumin and saffron. The so-called samosas, stuffed turnovers, are very popular here. In the south of India however, rice is one of the most important staple foods, accompanied by vegetables and fruits, as well as fish and sea food. As in most part of the country, a lot of value is placed on vegetarian cuisine. Let yourself be seduced by the aromas of Indian cuisine and make a small trip through this fascinating country, during which you’ll also be able to explore and admire the diverse culture and nature.

Enjoying the Italian cuisine in Umbria

Umbria is regarded as the green heart of Italy. Whoever spends their holiday here will spend most of time in the great outdoors – or even in the many superb restaurants. It’s not a secret any more that this region in the centre of the country is a paradise for true gluttons and connoisseurs. Premium quality meat is prepared only with the best ingredients in the region, dishes are garnished with truffles and local olive oil, also nicknamed liquid gold, and with a drop of fine wine served according to taste – la dolce vita at it’s finest in wonderful Umbria! If you like good food, no other region in Italy will take better care of you. Whether during an organised culinary trip or a gourmet tour combined, on a whim, with your holiday – the prized Italian cuisine is worth the trip.

Chocolate tour in Belgium

This tour can almost be declared a sweet temptation. The Belgian chocolate is famous around the world for its great quality and, not least, for its great taste. Belgian chocolates wth praline, marzipan and liqueur fillings or Belgian truffles are just delicious. If you want to better experience the chocolate side of Belgium – in the truest sense of the word – you should definitely plan a trip to Brussels, since this city is not only a highlight for the culture and history enthusiasts, but also for those with a sweet tooth. There is, for example, a special chocolate tour accross Brussels, which leads past the most famous landmarks and the most popular chocolate boutiques in the city. If that’s still not enough for you: less than 100km away from Brussels lies the charming town of Bruges, the so called chocolate capital of Belgium. Learn more about the history of chocolate, which has been produced here since the 16th century, and discover some of more than 50 chocolate factories in the city. You should definitely pay a visit to the Chocolate Museum in Bruges, one of the town’s highlights!

Trendy culinary trips

As you can see, some destinations have a lot to offer, not just culturally or historically but also with regards to cuisine. Culinary trips are selling like hot cakes. Will it be a complete organised gourmet trip or just a culinary tour? You have to decide for yourselves. Both options are certainly worthwhile! What do you think about culinary highlights? Would you book such a trip or tour, or do you have some more travel tips for true connoisseurs? Let me know!