Just imagine. It’s getting dark outside the sun is setting slowly, casting a deep orange light across the tuquoise waters that stretch towards the horizon. You sit on the terrace of your whitewashed villa, perched on top of wild, volcanic cliffs which tower over the seas below, giving you a view almost unmatched by anywhere else in the world. This is no fantasy – all of this awaits you in Santorini at the Aenaon Villas!

Aenaon Villas: the best place to stay in Santorini!

There’s probably no better place to stay in Santorini if you’re looking to pamper yourself with a bit of me time. The exclusive housing complex of 7 villa has been hewn into the volcanic rock which gives the island its wild appearance – what’s more the property is located on the narrowest part of the island, so you can enjoy views of both sides of the Santorini coast!

The views aren’t the only things going for you here at the Aenaon Villas. There’s a very good reason why it won the Travellers’ Choice Award on TripAdvisor and a rating of flawless 5/5 – the hospitality of the two owners is nothing short of legendary! They will recommend you places to eat, help arrange excursions and transfers, and you might even be able to have a massage in the comfort of your own room or go sailing in the Cyclades! So sit back, relax, and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean!

Aenaon Villas: The villas reflect the traditional architecture of the Cyclades, with the smooth whitewashed walls really clashing with the volcanic rock.

Aenaon Villas: There’s a spacious area to lounge in and soak up the sun to your heart’s content…

Aenaon Villas: ….and this is the view!

Aenaon Villas: The interiors are spacious and tranquil, which make for a very cosy retreat.

Aenaon Villas: They also combine traditional features with modern design.

Aenaon Villas: It’s the perfect location for a secluded honeymoon!

Aenaon Villas: There’s even an infinity pool in the lounge area – probably one of the most beautiful pools in the entire world.

Aenaon Villas: It really is one of the best views of Santorini’s caldera.

Aenaon Villas: Everything about the property has been meticulously designed and planned by architect Giorgos Zacharopoulos.

Aenaon Villas: You’ll feel on top of the world if you stay here!

Booking the Aenaon Villas

It’s possible to book direct through their website – prices are available here and if you’re looking for a special offer there’s an e-mail address you can send enquiries to. Be aware that prices fluctuate a lot depending on the season as well – there’s at least a £100 difference between low and high season!

Your best bet is to go through a travel comparison website such as Trivago. You’ll be guaranteed to find a great bargain and save plenty of pennies!

Getting to Aenaon Villas

Getting to Santorini is pretty straight forward – there’s plenty of direct flight from airports across the UK. EasyJet for example offer flights from London Gatwick or Manchester at a great price!

Transfers between Santorini Airport and the Villas are done via taxi, but if you contact the hotel owners in advance they will be happy to arrange it for you – there will be a charge of around €30 payable to the taxi driver. You could also hire a car in case you fancy exploring the island a little more and having a look at the cute, mountain-top towns. For a good deal go to carrentals.co.uk.

Sun, sea, beautiful views – who could say no to this? The Aenaon Villas really showcase the beauty of the Mediterranean and you’ll get to encounter the legendary hospitality of the Greeks as well. It’s time to start planning that next holiday!