The Azure window collapse. A storm was responsible for the collapse of the famous rock formation, at around 9:40am on Wednesday 8th March 2017!

The Azure window collapse. Gale force winds, accompanied by formidable waves, were responsible for the collapse of the famous rock formation. At around 9:40am on Wednesday 8th March 2017, the Window collapsed in its entirety: both the archway as well as the stacks have crumbled into the ocean. 

Azure Window Collapse

The natural formation, which has been Gozo’s main attraction for a number of years, has finally collapsed into the sea. Malta’s Prime Minister described the news on Twitter as “heartbreaking” but announced that “reports commissioned over the years indicated that this landmark would be hard hit by unavoidable natural corrosion. That sad day arrived.” A very sad day indeed.

The unique rock formation was the flagship of Gozo’s attractions. Before the Azure Window collapse, it was a must during every trip to Malta. Every year thousands of tourists took the ferry to Gozo, where you could gaze at this extraordinary landmark that had stood there for thousands of years. Although, there was always a sense of inevitably about its collapse. In 2013, a geological study confirmed the inevitability of erosion, however also stated that there was no imminent danger of the Azure Window collapse. Unfortunately, this day has come sooner than expected.

Local residents on the island flooded to the coastline to pay their respects to a natural phenomenon, which has been a large part of their identity. Not only is it a huge loss for the locals, but it is also a devastating blow to the tourist industry in Malta. Tributes have been pouring out to the island’s landmark via social media:



Remembering the Azure Window

It comes as no surprise that such a breathtaking place like the Azure Window was quickly discovered by film directors. The famous arch was host to a variety of scenes from Game of Thrones and has also featured in other top blockbusters such as Gladiator, World War Z and Clash of the Titans. I guess it’s a good excuse to go and dig out the box sets again! Although it is incredibly sad to see this beautiful rock formation gone, Malta continues to be a remarkable destination for tourists. It is important not to forget, that despite this tragic Azure Window collapse, there is another arch just a few miles along the coastline, at Wied il-Mielah. So don’t cancel your trip to Malta just yet!