In my travel magazine, I have already shown you some crazy Airbnb rentals. From bottle houses to windmills, we’ve seen some very unusual accommodation. But, today, I’m going to go one better and introduce you to a real-life Barbie House. Pink facades, pink walls, pink beds – this property in Essex is a pink overload! I’m going to show you the property, which is probably too kitsch even for Barbie. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

barbie house
Photo: Airbnb

Spend the night in the Barbie House

I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World – Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! These pictures immediately remind me of the song ‘Barbie Girl’. In this Airbnb, Barbie would feel right at home – there probably isn’t as much pink gaudiness anywhere else in the world. The property in Essex is like a fantasy place. In total, there are six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a huge kitchen, several lounges, a games room, and a big garden. The rooms all have one thing in common: in terms of glitz and glamour, they’re hard to beat. Glitter, fur, flowers, colourful lights – the house doesn’t exactly have a neutral decor. The highlight is the huge unicorn statue in the garden. I bet some of you are absolutely thrilled! ;)

Barbie House
Photo: Airbnb

In total, the house has room for 16 guests. You can celebrate lots of different occasions here. From weddings to tea parties and birthdays, this special location can be rented out for almost any reason. But, this unusual house carries a large price tag. For one night here, you have to pay £2,000. But enough from me – have a look through the picture gallery and let the crazy Barbie House blow your mind!

What do you think of this crazy Airbnb? A chamber of horrors in bad taste or a cool location for an unforgettable stay? Leave a comment and let me know!