Attention all foodies! Whether it’s a simple German meal, exotic delicacies from the far east, hip Street Food or sweet treats – you can find every dish you could ever dream of in Berlin. So prepare yourself for a culinary discovery tour through the German capital!

The spirit of Berlin has me completely entranced: the moving past and its remnants, the creative Start-up scene, the diverse mix of people and of course, the unbelievable food. It’s not just German sausage and Döner kebabs! Berlin has far more to offer than just the legendary Curry36 shack. However, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. And, in big cities like Berlin, typical tours often lead you to poor quality and over-priced places to eat. So that you avoid this on your next trip, I paid a visit to Berlin and sought out some goodies for you. I promise you that your mouth will be watering by the end of this article!

Berlin Food Guide – The German Capital’s Best Food


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Breakfast and Brunch in Berlin

The early bird catches the worm? Even those of you who are not morning people will jump out of bed when you see some of my top picks for breakfast! In House of Small Wonder, you feel like you’re in a cool cafe in Brooklyn. You enter this gem of a place via  winding spiral staircase surrounded by beautiful flowers. When you arrive upstairs, you’ll be amazed. A delicate leaf-patterned wallpaper adorns the high walls, and flowerpots and cages are hanging from the ceiling. It’s no wonder that this cute cafe is the star of many pretty Instagram snaps. 

As well of the décor, of course I can’t forget to mention the breakfast selection! The concept was created by a Japanese lady and her American husband, so it’s unsurprising that the menu has Asian as well as American influences. How do you fancy eggs Benedict with a Wasabi Hollandaise sauce? I’m telling you, it’s absolutely delicious! The vegans among you will also be well provided for and can enjoy the Asian breakfast platter, with Onigiri filled rice balls with special seasoning, it’s refreshingly different and unbelievably tasty!

Sweet taste sensations await you at No Milk Today. Be tempted by the banana bread and chocolate creams in a French-inspired setting. The No.58 Speiserei is also guaranteed to make your morning better! Everything here is really homemade, warm “Körnerbrot”, fresh out of the oven, with strawberry jam, unbelievably tasty humus, avocado and olive butter – with a freshly pressed juice mix on the side – you’ll be in breakfast heaven! 

Vitamin Bombs and Superfoods

The Bio- and Sustainability Boom is on the rise right now and of course Berlin is always a front-runner when it comes to the newest trends! You want fresh ingredients, without pesticides and long transportation times? Then you’ll certainly be satisfied at Good Bank. It’s hard to believe, that all the crisp fruits and veggies are grown here daily. Good Bank isn’t located in a rural area, but directly in the bustling centre of Berlin. The creative owners were super innovative, and integrated greenhouses actually inside the restaurant! It looks not only futuristic, but is also unbelievably tasty. You can expect flavoursome bowls with a selection of freshly picked salads, tender chicken and fragrant sweet potatoes on the menu.

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At The Bowl or Holy Flat, you can also top up your vitamin stores. This not only keeps your body and your cardiovascular systems fit from the inside, but makes you shine on the outside too! Did you know, that the healthy fatty acids in avocado help you on your way to beautiful skin? Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen, so your skin remains elastic and young. Useful right?

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Snack Ideas

We all know the feeling  – sometimes you just fancy a greasy treat – it doesn’t always have to be healthy. And that’s fine! If you’re craving something unhealthy, then you should definitely search out Nil, a Sudanese snack shop in Friedrichshain. Since Friedrichshain is THE destination for cool clubs and edgy bars, grabbing a snack at Nil is the perfect way to line your stomach ahead of a boozy evening! Here, I ate the tastiest falafel of my life, the small balls are freshly fried and so they are crisp and compliment the peanut sauce perfectly. They are so popular that a second branch has opened in Kreuzberg!

A few metres further away on Warschauer Strasse you’ll come across Sheers Schnitzel. Here you can get giant, yet well-priced pieces of Schnitzel – to takeaway as well! You’ll also find Burgeramt in the middle of the Fruedrichshain nightlife hot spot. The famous Chilli Cheese Burger is simply legendary – you won’t find the combination of tortilla chips with homemade guacamole layered on juicy beef with peach-chilli sauce and spicy jalapenos anywhere else! You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this one!

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Italy’s Guest Appearance

Pizza, pasta and tiramisu – Mamma Mia are they tasty! Nobody can resist a good pizza – a thin crispy base, which provides a bit of crunch, spicy passata, aromatic olive oil and of course the absolute winner – some creamy melting mozzarella. Mmm! The delicious taste is on the tip of my tongue! In Berlin, you can sample fine Italian delicacies in Lavanderia Vecchia, a former launderette. Even today, the unique style of the restaurant pays homage to its past. During your meal, you can clean your laundry in the washing machines and hang it up in the middle of the restaurant to dry!

Other good starting points to experience a piece of the Dolce Vita in Berlin include Il Ritrovo, a very authentic Italian restaurant or the stylish 12 Apostel restaurant.

Asian Culinary Delights

I’ve never eaten such good Asian food (outside of Asia) as I have in Berlin. You don’t always have to go with sweet and sour chicken though, why not try out something new? Your taste buds will thank you.

You know those restaurants that you don’t want to tell anybody about, because they’re so good that you want to keep them all to yourself? Well, I’ll share some such gems with you now.  My number one secret tip is Mabuhay: don’t be put off by your first impression. Although it doesn’t look like the most inviting place, the food is incredibly good – and tastes exactly like it does in Indonesia. The most unlikely places sometimes turn out to have the best food. And you get everything for an unbeatable low price. You should definitely try out the speciality “Gado Gado” with typical peanut sauce.

You can also try out authentic dishes at Lon Men’s, a highly recommended Chinese or also in 1990 Vegan Living. There, you’ll be served the best Vietnamese food in a beautiful atmosphere! There, even meat-eaters will willingly turn vegan for an hour or two! It’s very cosy and friendly, and the perfect place to spend a nice evening with friends. The individual dishes can be served in small bowls like a kind of tapas, so can taste a little bit of everything. Also worth a visit: Seoulkitchenfor those of you who have never tried out an authentic Korean BBQ , you should definitely try it out here!

Street food in Berlin

In the past, street food was limited to french fries to curb our peckishness, but now it has become a real trend. As its popularity increased, the quality increased too, some dishes have now reached gourmet levels so you can’t even compare them to fries anymore – Deluxe Finger Food you could say! As in many other cities, street food markets are shooting up all over Berlin! Numerous hungry foodies gather there to taste their way through the many stalls! Burgers and spring rolls have never been so close together! One such hyped up market, and a true Berlin Institution, is Streetfood Thursday in Markethalle 9. Every Thursday tonnes of food stands line the historical market hall. There’s homemade Käsespatzle, Peruvian Ceviche and Indian Samosas with beetroot, vanilla and marinated chickpeas. The unusual combination of flavours leads to a taste sensation! And here you can join in the after work party mood with the real residents of Berlin.

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I must warn you though, this pioneering street food market is very busy and popular, and it’s not always easy to find a comfortable perch to eat. Therefore, I’d like to offer you a guru-tried and tasted alternative, which is just as good but less packed! The Arminiusmarkthalle retains the typical market hall flair and will surprise you with it’s range of tasty dishes. When you’re craving meat, don’t miss the Pulled Pork at Pignut BBQ, because it’s cooked in smoky air for 20 hours, so it’s tender and dissolves on the tongue. And something particularly nice: if you’re luckily, you can catch a live classical piano concert whilst you eat!

Coming up in 2018: the founders of Streetfood Thursdays Berlin are creating a new hot spot: The Souk Streetfood project invites migrants from all over the world to bring their specialties together. A passion for good food can always bring people together!

I hope you have found this article useful! Let me know if you have any other tips on Berlin/ food in Berlin, I would love to know :)