Call me weird, but my favourite part of a flight is the safety demonstration. I love to try and copy it along with them – it’s the closest I will ever come to being a cabin crew member! You can bet with all my travels I’ve seen some really amazing safety videos. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened, I’m about to share some of my favourites with you!

You know how it always goes; right before take off, you’re settling in and ready for your flight to begin, but there’s just one little bit of admin left for the cabin crew – the safety video. Occasionally, if you’re on a budget airline, the cabin crew themselves will carry out the safety demonstration. But, if you’re on a transatlantic or other long haul airlines, a video is much more common. These videos, it must be said, can be a little mundane, animated, or boring. But, I have spotted some really interesting airline safety videos from across the world that I felt you simply had to see. So, if you never plan to make a trip on these airlines, you can still see how cool their safety demonstrations look. So, be sure you give us your full attention!

The Best Airline Safety Videos

Singapore Airlines – a journey through Singapore

Singapore Airlines constantly tops the polls as the world’s best airline, and from having flown with them myself I can tell you they really do take such good care of you. One of the first ways they look after you, of course, is the safety demonstration. I’m not being too quick to judge when I call this one of the most beautiful airline safety videos in the world. Singapore, if you haven’t heard of it, is a tiny city nation close to Malaysia. In their safety video, you’ll follow their iconic Singapore Girl on a journey across the country, with some sights that will have you reaching straight for your passport. It’s rare a safety video makes you forget you’re even sitting on a plane, but you’ll be so mesmerised by the culture you’re seeing you might forget where you are for a moment.

Quantas – bringing Aussie spirit to the world

Australia is on most people’s bucket lists, but there’s still ways for us to experience it here at home. Our daily viewing of Neighbours is a good way to get to see some of this beautiful southern country. But, it’s hard to remember sometimes that the places we think are so close by, are a real travel treat for some Aussies. To show how Australian spirit is a global phenomenon, Quantas‘ 2018 airline safety video brings that friendly Australian vibe to some of their destinations across the world, while making sure you know how to arrive safely too.

Quantas – bringing us to the Aussie spirit

Of course, the opposite of what I said above is also true – for a lot of us Brits, Australia is a “maybe some day” dream travel destination. For anyone dreaming of setting foot on the Land Down Under, you might love Quantas’ safety demonstration from 2017 a little more than their current one. Talk about a way to inspire wanderlust! The team mix their safety video with footage of some breath taking sights from across Australia. Some of them are areas you wouldn’t immediately think of visiting, but they’ll surely be on your to do list now.

Air New Zealand – Antarctic Adventure

Air New Zealand are so good at airline safety videos, each year they knock it out of the park! All of their airline safety videos could have featured here really, but this one is one of my favourites. That’s because of the other message it brings you. Not only does it show you how to get to your destination safely, but you also find out some facts about environmental protection and conservation. There’s also some absolutely amazing footage of Antarctica. And yes, there are penguins featured. The information is delivered by Entourage actor and environmentalist Adrian Grenier, and this is one the coolest airline safety videos – literally! Keeping yourself safe in the air, and learning a bit more about how to save our planet – what’s not to love?

TUI – safety for all the family

British airline TUI had a very cute idea for their flight safety video. Alice, your safety officer, is about 4 years old and just cute. Together with some other of her friends, she guides you through the many safety instructions and ensures that you definitely want to watch the video to the very end. Like a pro, the children show where the emergency exits can be found and how to get on and off the bike perfectly. Just the picture of the little Alice, as she stands in the airplane gear (which is miles too big for her, of course) and one sock pulled higher than the other is enough to make you squee.

British Airways – how it could be

Of course, we Brits like to do things a little differently! Comic Relief is, of course, a great cause, and I love to tune in every two years to see what they could possibly have come up with this time. I mean, who can ever forget their Love Actually sequel! Another of Comic Relief’s great sketches involved some of our most known and loved faces, like Gordon Ramsey, Warwick Davis, Sir Ian McKellen and Gillian Anderson lending a hand to making sure you stay safe in the air. They must have done something right, because British Airways actually picked it up and used it as one of their airline safety videos. If you’ve travelled with British Airways after September 1st 2017, you will be treated to this hilarious safety video.

These are some of the best airline safety videos I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on my travels across the world. But, of course, it’s not the full list of them. Are there any you feel like I’ve missed out? What are some of your favourite airline safety videos? Do let me know in the comments, as I’m sure everyone would love to see them! If you feel like going to check out some of my great flight deals below!

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