A few years ago, the idea of sitting down for lunch whilst dozens of cats freely roam around you might have sounded crazy. But today, cat cafes are popping up all over Britain… and the world! Here’s some of the UK’s best, so you know exactly where to paws for a coffee next time you’re in town!

Picture the scene: you’re sitting in a café, slurping your steaming Latte Macchiato, just watching the world go by. Suddenly, something affectionately nudges your legs. You look down, to be greeted by the sight of a purring fluffball, waiting to be stroked. Of course, this is no ordinary café, but a Cat Café! This trend, which originated in Japan, has been spreading throughout the entire world. So, I decided to search out some of the best Cat Cafes on home soil, here in the UK! Meow!

UK Cat Cafes

London | Nottingham | Manchester | Newcastle | Edinburgh | Cardiff 

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London – Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s is the longest running cat cafe in the UK. Offering the purrfect escape from the bustle of the capital, this cafe serves drinks, afternoon tea and light bites in the company of a bunch of cuddly cats! If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can go for “High Tea”, as part of which you’ll receive a 3 tiered plate of goodies and refillable drinks. On their website, you can also purchase cat-themed gifts, such as a kitty colouring book, fridge magnets and postcards!

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Nottingham – Kitty Cafe

Nottingham’s Kitty Cafe offers a wide selection of freshly made food and cakes, served in a cat-friendly open space filled with kitty toys! All food is prepared in a sealed glass kitchen and you receive a specially-designed umbrella to protect your food from pesky paws once it arrives at the table. The cafe can house up to 30 cats at any one time, and behind the scenes, the cafe operates a cat rescue and re-homing facility. If customers feel a special bond with a particular kitty, they can apply to take them home! There’s also a branch in Leeds.

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Manchester – Cat Cafe

The Cat Cafe in Manchester is home to 10 cats at any one time, who are particularly fond of their tropical fish tank in the cafe! This cafe in particular aims to provide a relaxing haven for the working urbanite.  It’s offering therapeutic feline company for those who spend the entire day looking at a computer screen, are not allowed pets in their apartments or simply do not have the time to keep one! One of the cafe’s key aims is also to combat the recent rise in mental health problems by providing stress-free time with the kitties. Research shows that spending time with pets can have all sorts of health benefits, from reducing stress and blood pressure, to improving your diet!

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Newcastle – Mog on the Tyne

You’ll find Mog on the Tyne on a lovely historic street in Newcastle city centre. Founder Katie Jane adopts cats from Westgate Ark cat re-homing shelter and aims to raise awareness of the problem of homeless, stray and abandoned cats. This cat cafe runs a number of quirky cat-themed events each week, such as Cat Bingo, Cat Colouring and Knitting Club, where you can learn to knit cat toys! In Newcastle you can also check out: CatPawCino Cat Cafe 

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Edinburgh – Maison de Moggy

Maison de Moggy is Scotland’s first ever cat cafe! The cafe focuses on the therapeutic qualities of cats, and serves locally produced teas, coffees and cakes. The cats here are mostly pedigree breeds. And the cafe is the only cat cafe in Europe to own a Sphynx cat, who is named Elodie! If you visit, you can also meet Fabian, a Norwegian Forest, and Alain, a ragdoll!

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Cardiff – Feline Good

Feline Good Cat Café can be found on North Road, about a 15 minute walk from Cardiff city centre. They charge a £5 entrance fee, but this money does go to the cat’s welfare and makes sure you can still come and enjoy your time here. The Kitten Buddies in this fabulous café offer a delicious selection of treats for you to enjoy. And there’s also a vegetarian and vegan choices available too. Perfect for the whole group to enjoy! While you’re eating you’ll be in the company of Marie, Winston and Sirius as well as their other furry friends.


Pssst guess what!? I have discovered some more Cat Cafes! There are now Kitty cafes in Leeds, Glasgow and in Hull! :D The Cat Cafe in Hull has opened recently on Spring Bank! The owner has taken a lot of thought into the preparation for the cafe and I bet it is going to be a super popular attraction in Hull!

And that concludes my tour of the best UK Cat Cafes! Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed reading this or if you’ve visited any of these cafes. I’d love to hear some pawesome kitty stories and see your photos!

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