The best Halloween events in the UK

Let’s be honest, we’re all looking forward to and preparing for Halloween for weeks in advance. Decorated gardens, luminescent skulls and zombie body parts creeping from our front windows, scrupulously thought through Halloween costumes and shopping baskets full of sweets, chocolates and cookies. On the 31st October children will take to the streets in search of treats, while the parents relive the best time of their childhood, throwing a nice get-together with their friends, complete with Halloween activities and themed cocktails of course. Yes, us Brits know how to celebrate Halloween in style. But with Halloween being one of the most awaited holidays of the year, there are various Halloween events across the UK to make this dreary, cold October night a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Haunted houses or horror nights – you have all the options, so check out my favourite Halloween attractions right below!

Night at the museum – dose of local culture with a hint of fright

Culture junkies can definitely enjoy a bunch of things to do on Halloween, as many local museums and galleries across the UK offer late openings, themed exhibitions and Halloween activities. Just check out your local museum to see what ideas for Halloween they’ll have in store! These Halloween attractions are usually family friendly and make for a great Halloween event in the comfort of your own city. On this occasion, the stunning Fairfax House decided to throw opening times and electricity out the window and offer a candlelit tour of the house. Lord Fairfay himself will lead you through the rooms and show you around his splendid home… even though he’s been presumed dead for centuries. You’ll have a chance to gain an insight into 18th century life in an appropriately strange and mystical atmosphere.

Tickets to this even are £14 for adults and half price for children, including refreshments. The spooky tour of the mansion will begin at 7.30pm and last until 8.45pm.
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Day of the Dead Altar with sugar skulls and candles shutterstock_158189417-2

Grave robbers lurking in Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon can send a chill down your spine on a regular visit, not to mention during Halloween. This year, the Edinburgh Dungeon aims to go all out on spookiness and tricks with their brand new show Resurrectionists, running from 9th October until 1st November. This one of a kind tour through Edinburgh’s murky underground will take you to the dreary Street of Sorrows and past the infamous cannibal band of Sawney Bean, with the Green Lady watching your every step. There are numerous Halloween attractions awaiting you there, including two terrifyingly fun rides. This event contains some family friendly thrills, but if you dare to explore the Dungeon in the deep and dark October night, you can take part in the Dungeon Lates tour. Beginning with a moonlit graveyard stroll, this tour, reserved for grown ups, will take you through the Edinburgh Old Town and into the Dungeon, where you’ll have the chance to help your courage with a complimentary alcoholic shot, which I highly recommend before stepping into the gloomy depths. One of my all time favourite scary places! :) Get your Edinburgh dungeon tickets here! 


The Edinburgh Dungeon is a located on 2 Market Street, a short walk from Waverley Station and the city’s main Halloween event, with numerous buses stopping nearby. If you’re arriving in Edinburgh by car, there’s a promotion code which will get you a reduced parking fee at the Q-Park in Omni Centre! I definitely recommend snatching the tickets for this Halloween activity for your preferred date online, which will work out cheaper than buying tickets at the entrance and save you disappointment. An online family ticket is at a bargain price of just £20! The tickets for the adult-only late tour cost from £22.
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Monsters have taken over the farm – Tulleys Shocktober Fest

This Halloween event is definitely a must for every fright night enthusiast!  This spooky extravaganza measures up to the grandeur of those in the US, but is much closer and easier to reach.  This haunted farm will surprise you with special effects, and live actors. The Tulleys Shocktober Fest is pretty surreal and guaranteed to make even the toughest zombie-slayers scream and hide.  Visit the Cellar, the Colony and the Haunted House and just immerse yourself in this parade of dark creatures and monsters. The darkness might hide your terrified face, but nothing will be able to mask those screams! Apart from scares, this Halloween event serves a real festival vibe and great Halloween fun – it’s located on a haunted farm, complete with two music stages, street theatre and some delicious snacks like burgers, noodles and hot dogs, so get your wellies on and you’re all set for a spooky Halloween activity!

Ghost Woman in Ruins Place

This Halloween event is bound to be pretty packed, so depending on how you want to experience it, choose your dates carefully. For a more solitary experience it’s best to visit on a weekday, but if you enjoy the exciting vibe of the crowds, come at a weekend and enjoy the Shocktober Fest at it’s best and most intense. The ticket prices will also vary depending on the date, but better hurry up and book your preferred dates online to avoid disappointment. Although children over the age of 8 have to be accompanied by an adult and their access to certain attractions will be limited and you have to bear in mind that the special effects and live performances make this attraction particularly scary. You can reach the Halloween event by bus, route 84, from Crawley Bus Station and Three Bridges. Those coming by car can reach the event through the M25 and M23 from London and park their four wheels on site for free.

Surrounded by monsters in the North – Manchester’s House of the Dead

Another Halloween event you shouldn’t miss is the brand new House of the Dead in the heart of the northern metropolis of Manchester. Monsters, horror movie sets and terrifying routes radiating with sheer panic and surprised screams – this scary house will haunt you nights way into the Christmas period. Whether walking, crawling or running for your life, you’ll have to brave your way through the creepy corridors filled with the North’s most terrifying monsters. Excited already? Well, that’s not all of it. The House of the Dead also includes the beloved escape room experience. Trapped Up North includes three terrifying escape rooms. I dread to think what happens when you don’t get out of the room in time. ;) Horror nights guaranteed!

Haunted House

House of the Dead is a Halloween attraction perched in The Great Northern on Deansgate with parking available on site. It’s a short walking distance from Deansgate train station and the metro. There are many great and stylish hotels in the Manchester, so you can pick and choose where you want to stay.

Halloween events under the stars – Nomad Cinema, London

If you’re more of a couch potato than a monster-chaser and like to snuggle up watching a good movie, you should definitely check out the Nomad Cinema in London. This charity outdoor cinema will be treating you with horror classics like Beetle Juice, The Shining, The Cabin in the Woods and Psycho in various London Parks and locations. You can make group bookings and enjoy seeing you friends’ horrified faces and occasional screams. The dark October night skies and chilly breeze creeping down your neck will only add to the spooky Halloween feel. This Halloween activity can’t be missed and it’s definitely one of the coziest things to do on Halloween. attractive young woman with sugar skull makeup shutterstock_209736142-2

October in Britain can be quite rainy and cold, but the screening will still take place during a light rain – the show must go on! So check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. A rug, mat or a chair to sit on, some snacks, snazzy blanket or two and a raincoat will be enough to keep you warm and cozy. If you find yourself in need of some liquid courage, alcohol is usually permitted on site and on-site catering is also provided.

Something wicked this way comes…

The Harry Potter fans better sit down for this, as I’ve saved the best Halloween event for last. We’ve all seen the lavishly decorated Halloween sets in the Harry Potter films and the iconic Great Hall filled with carved pumpkins and floating candles. You now have a chance to enter the spooky world of Halloween at Hogwarts at the Warner Bros. Studios in London. Opening from 1st October until 12th November, the exclusive Dark Arts studio tour will explore the darker, thrilling scenes from the movie franchise. Explore the Malfoy Manor, take a midnight stroll through Diagon Alley and browse through the dark and cryptic wares in Borgin and Burke’s Antique Shop. Don’t forget to check out the famous Great Hall, which will be splendidly decorated for the occasion with pumpkins and cauldrons filled with tricks and treats! I’m personally really excited about the newest addition to the Studio Tours – Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express! It too, will undergo a transformation for the spooky October night – you do remember the Dementors boarding the train, right?

Sign 9 3 4 Hogwarts Express The Wizarding World of Harry Potter shutterstock_210792889 EDITORIAL ONLY AnjelikaGr-2

The Warner Bros. Studios are located 20 miles south-west of London and just under 3 miles from the M1 and M25 motorways. There’s free parking on the site where you can leave your car. The nearest train station in Watford Junction and from there you can just hop on the shuttle bus which will take only 15 minutes to bring you right to the Studios front door. To get your ticket for the Dark Arts Tour click right here!

There are just so many things to do on  Halloween and whether it’s in your city or slightly further away, this night sure excites and terrifies many. And with such varied Halloween events and attractions the memories of this year’s Halloween are bound to haunt you until next year! What are your ideas for Halloween? Will you spend the night at a haunted house running from zombies and vampires, or snuggled up on your couch watching horror movies? Leave me a comment  and tell me about your very own horror nights ;)

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