It’s time for a break and you’re planning holidays? If you’re looking for the perfect trip as a solo traveller make the most out of it and save money and time looking for the best Single holidays. Here are some great tips to save money as a single traveller.

It doesn’t matter where you look, single holidays are on average much more expensive than a break as a couple. The reason is quite simple since most hotels charge a hefty surcharge for single occupancy when you travel alone. So a package holiday for a single can quickly become twice as expensive as a trip for two. There are many different possibilities to travel alone and it’s no longer all about finding a life partner during your few days off. A holiday should ensure relaxation and fun and make you forget all the worries of everyday life. Of course, you can visit the usual single-portals and try to find someone to be your travel companion there, but you might end up sharing a room with someone you don’t actually know and who maybe only accepted for financial reasons. Uncomfortable hours are inevitable in that case! Today, I want to send some important tips your way which can help you with a relaxing and sociable holiday!

Best Single Holidays Tips and tricks

These are the best travel destinations for singles in Europe

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Timing your lone travel perfectly

It’s sensible to think of an optimal date before booking single holidays. If you’re travelling during the summer holidays, don’t be surprised when you’re surrounded by families in swimming pools or on beaches. You won’t make any friends this way. So avoid school holiday times and look for alternatives. If you don’t want to pay the surcharge for single occupancy in the popular holiday areas of Spain, Greece and Turkey, you’ll have to wait until the off-peak season. Such charges are suspended then. People with similar holiday plans as you will be on their way at precisely the same time. The chance to meet other singles is therefore higher.

Join a group

Before choosing the holiday destination, you have to ask yourself what you expect from the trip. If you want parties and fun, then it makes sense to check the offers of various single-portals and form a group, thanks to which you’ll be able to go on a prowl or bask in the sun with like-minded people. You could make joint excursions in a relaxing atmosphere and get to know each other better. If you’re looking for relationships, you’re guaranteed to strike it rich, and if you’re in the mood for peace and quiet, then treat yourself to a chilled day on the beach entirely by yourself!

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Study and culture trips as an alternative

Sometimes it’s not necessary at all to look specifically for a trip for singles. So if you want to do your adventurous heart a favour, join a culture or study trip. This way you won’t have to brave the wide world entirely on your own and you’ll be supervised throughout your journey by professional guides who will tell you more about historical and cultural treasures of the world. Of course, not only lone travellers take part in these trips, but there’s a big chance that you’ll meet some nice and relaxed people.

A nice club holiday or a cruise?

If you want your holiday to be active and modern, you should definitely check out offers from Tui. Some clubs are ideal for family holidays and others are perfect for travelling alone. You can book a “single with child” room for example. The facilities very often offer an all-inclusive catering and diverse sport and entertainment opportunities. If you fancy, you can be on the move all day and fall into bed satisfied after an eventful and exhausting day.

If on the other hand, you want to discover the world without having to give up your usual comforts, you should think about booking a cruise. There are many offers for singles on the modern ships. At AIDA for instance, there are informal gatherings and dance classes where you can meet other singles. Tui also cares for entertaining the singles. There are many tables set up where you can meet and have a chat with each other.

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Airbnb roomies

Perhaps you’ve already heard that you don’t have to book the entire accommodation on Airbnb but can also rent out single rooms. You become a temporary room-mate, shall we say, and can get to know the host a little better, forming new friendships and acquaintances. Another positive side effect is that you’ll learn more about your travel destination since you’ll be able to profit from the insider tips of your host. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up on your privacy entirely since the host naturally won’t force you into anything. You can go on your holiday as you like but you’ll still have a good starting point in case you have any questions or are looking for some company.


The courageous ones among you have probably tried it out already: Couchsurfing. I find that this way of travel is especially good for singles, since you’re bound to meet new people and can be shown around the city by your host – insider tips inclusive. Maybe your host will show you around the best restaurants and bars in the area, or maybe they’ll invite you to party with their friends. Couchsurfing enables you to get to know the place better and to form friendships quickly.

Hostel – an alternative to a hotel

The hostels have lost their youth hostel charm a long time ago and became real alternatives to classic hotels. Hostels are the perfect solution for low-budget travel. Singles are guaranteed to make connections here. If you don’t want to share a room with many strangers, in almost all hostels you can now book a single room instead. This way you can savour all the perks of a hostel without giving up your privacy. Momondo has some hostels on offer, so worth to check them out.

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These are the best travel destinations for singles in Europe

You’re planning a city trip but are not sure where you should actually go? Where can singles experience loads and make new friendships? I’ve found a few European destinations for you, which are perfect for a lone traveller.


Apart from art and culture, the Spanish city also stands for a positive attitude to life. You can spend a couple of relaxed days on the beach, as well as appreciate the many cultural highlights on offer. Additionally, Barcelona has a breath-taking nightlife. You’ll find many clubs and bars here, where you’ll definitely form new acquaintances quickly.

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain


This island in the Cyclades is one of the most popular destinations in Greece and perfect for single holidays. People from many different countries come together here. They sunbathe on the beautiful beaches and party like mad until the small hours of the morning. Loneliness and boredom definitely keep away from here. The cultural factor doesn’t come off badly either: you can admire the typical architecture of the Cyclades with white houses and colourful windows and really enjoy the Greek flair. If you don’t feel like partying all night, you can just chill in one of many small taverns. Check out the latest Mykonos offers here on my blog.

Windmill in Mykonos, Greece.


Why not try something new during your holiday? How about a surfing course on the Canary Island Fuerteventura? The conditions on the island are perfect for any type of water sport and you’ll find a surfing school on every beach. Singles can form a group or learn how to surf on their own, and form one or two holiday friendships along the way.

Rocky coast of the atlantic ocean at Fuerteventura

Every choice of the perfect single holidays’ destination depends on what you expect from a perfect holiday. Often it’s not about meeting the love of your life on a holiday or avoiding any relationship as a lone camper. The well-earned annual holiday should bring you relaxation and good spirits.
Many tour operators have already adjusted to the rising demand, but that also means that you’ll have to pay more than couples. Therefore, as said here before, keep an eye out for single holidays bargains. Avoid school holiday seasons, and try to go on holiday offseason for it to work out cheaper.  If you don’t fancy partying and flirting, it might pay off to book a cultural trip. That way, you’ll be able to exchange with and meet like-minded people. If you’re looking for real bargains, keep an eye on my Single Holidays section. I often post great and affordable deals for a small price here.

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