I’ll admit, I don’t really know where you should start. There are simply countless places on my own bucket list. Places that I’d like to visit at least once in my life… What about you?

It doesn’t matter if it’s extraordinary places that hardly anyone knows about, dangerous spots that give me an instant buzz, or simply breathtaking locations that are the stuff of dreams. I’ve made it my mission to visit as many of these places as possible. Perhaps one of them will also make it to your bucket list of the most beautiful places in the world?

The Most Beautiful Places in the World

Trolltunga | Banff National Park | Whitehaven Beach

Penguins in Antarctica | Raja Ampat | Machu Piccu | Popeye Village | Marina Bay Sands |

Sunrise at the Mesa Arch | Cook Islands


Trolltunga in Norway

Whoever dares to get out there and touch the tip is certainly not a whimp! Believe it or not, the Trolltunga, Troll’s Tongue in English, is located 700 metres over the artificially created reservoir Ringedalsvatnet in Norway – and all around is nothing but a deep chasm. I think that the Trolltunga is a place you just have to visit. Whether as a brave explorer who dares to go all the way to the tip or as a photographer – it’s up to you to decide. Although let me say this: It’s all or nothing! ;)


Banff National Park in Canada

I don’t know how about you, but I love national parks! Every single one has something very special, no matter where in the world. Unparalleled nature, those charming landscapes and fascinating wildlife that you don’t get to see often. And I can just feel the wanderlust when I look at the photos of Banff National Park in the gorgeous Canadian province of Alberta, since this park is simply unique – and definitely worth a visit. Just don’t be surprised when you spot a bear, you’re in Canada after all.


Whitehaven Beach in Australia

It should no longer be a secret that I’m an Australia-fanatic. But my dear readers, I can only repeat it over and over again: you have to go to Australia at least once, twice, three times – ok let’s leave it there – but you have to see this multi-faceted country with your own eyes! Additionally the Whitehaven Beach is one of many places that you have to visit – it’s surely one of the prettiest spots. This piece of paradise on Earth is perched on the eastern coast of Australia and is part of the Whitsunday Islands. There are quite a number of boat tours that take visitors from the small Airlie Beach out into the islands. Unfortunately you can only swim in a full stinger suit here, as many jellyfish are simply crazy about this place. But who cares? Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Australia. Aerial shot of Hill Inlet Whitsundays. QLD

Fascinating Antarctica

The Antarctic is famous for its exceptional, unique ice formations, which are a popular photo subject for many photographers. But it’s not just this breathtaking icy landscape that makes Antarctica so attractive, but also the wonderful fauna that simply fascinates me. Sure, you have to pack some layers, but a look at the cute creatures makes the cold and the long journey more bearable, what do you think?


Rajat Ampat Dive Lodge

The island paradise of Raja in the Indo-Pacific is a real Mecca for scuba diving fans from all around the world. Hardly any other place is more perfectly suited, more beautiful and unique than this paradise diving spot – which currently holds the world record for just how diverse the fish and coral reefs are. So how about it, diving fans – should I have a little search for cheap flights and suitable accommodation? I already have a nice place for you to stay: the popular Raja Ampat Dive Lodge on Mansuar Island.


Machu Picchu in Peru

What looks like an abandoned, uninhabited village at first is actually the most visited tourist attraction in Peru. The small and well preserved ruin city of Machu Picchu, which belongs to UNESCO World Heritage since 1983, was built on a 2,300-metre-tall mountain ridge and is perched between the peaks of Huayna Picchu and the eponymous Machu Picchu. It belongs to the New Seven Wonders of the World for about 8 years now. And it’s no wonder when you see this archaeological site.


Popeye Village on Malta

Who of you actually knows the Sailor Popeye, a funny comic character whose trademark is spinach and incredible strength? In 1980 plans were made to produce a successful feature film and it all happened in this gorgeous little cove called Anchor Bay in the north-west of the holiday island of Malta. The film director Robert Altman built the romantic Popeye Village, also known as Sweethaven, with wooden houses and today it’s a popular trip destination among many tourists, especially the little ones. What do you think? How about following in the footsteps of Popeye and reveling in childhood memories?


Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Fancy swimming in the highest pool in the world? The legendary infinity pool of the famous and architecturally unique 5-star Hotel Marina Bay Sands, a landmark of Singapore, is simply sensational. Here, you can not only swim a few lengths at the unbelievable height of 200 metres, but also enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the bustling metropolis of Singapore. I’d say it’s possible to do without a beach sometimes, don’t you think?

Photo: shutterstock.com/TILTPhotography

Sunrise at the Mesa Arch, USA

A romantic sunrise in the early morning at a lovely beach is a typical cliché. Alternatively you could take up the offer of an unforgettable sunrise at Mesa Arch, landmark of Canyonlands National Park in the US state of Utah. If you’d like to admire it from afar during a road trip across the US, unfortunately I have to disappoint you, as you have to take a little hike into account in order to reach the Mesa Arch. But I would argue the view is worth it!


Holiday in paradise – Cook Islands

Isolated, long, sandy beaches, palm trees and you, relaxing on a hammock with a coconut in your hand and doing nothing else than relaxing to your heart’s content and admiring the view of the turquoise blue ocean. This paradise is located on the Cook Islands – even your Guru is speechless!


So, what do you thing about my bucket list? I have to say, I’d love nothing more than keep going, as there’s an unbelievable number of fascinating places on out planet that are worth a visit. Which places are on your bucket list? Where do you have to travel at least once in a lifetime?