Why should you add Casa en el Agua to your bucket list? It’s quite simple really – who else can claim that they have been stranded on a floating island in Caribbean paradise?

A water house in the middle of the ocean?! Let’s be honest, we all wish we could retreat to some tropical paradise. Sadly, it has always seemed like a dream too far out of reach when the budget is small. But let your curiosity run wild with this magical place that I have discovered. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this Casa en el Agua – check it out for yourself!

Casa en el Agua – The House in the Sea

Casa en el Agua | Adventure in paradise | Perfection without luxury

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Hidden somewhere in the Caribbean…

Well, it’s in the name! This house is a hidden gem in the middle of the ocean and is the only way that you can stay on the San Bernando Islands. Even the journey to the Caribbean island is an absolute adventure! You can take a 2-hour boat right on a speedboat to reach the private island which is just off the mainland of Colombia. When you arrive, you will be spoiled for choice! You can either have your own private room, stay in an 8-bed dorm or even sleep in a special hammock although some people have been known to get blown away during their sleep – a funny story but probably not ideal if you are enjoying a dreamy sleep in the middle of the night.

Photo: Casa en el Agua

You will get a small breakfast as part of the price from about  2but I definitely recommend that you try out the other meals too. Firstly there are a few options to choose from and you can dine on a boat! And best of all, you can watch the crew catch the fish that you will be eating – it doesn’t get fresher than that! There are no supermarkets nearby so it is common to bring snacks and beverages to the island.

casa en el agua
Photo: Casa en el Agua

Leave your big, heavy rucksacks behind and simply wear your favourite bikini, bring a towel, sun cream and, of course, your camera to capture memories forever. Make sure to bring enough cash, too, as there are no cash machines in the middle of the ocean.

Adventures in Paradise

The owners of this paradise are the most exceptional hosts. They will do their very best to make sure you have the best time on trips here. You can try out all sorts, such as exploring the underwater world in crystal-clear water, or you can unwind with some yoga on the beach. You could take a kayak and explore the enchanted mangrove forests or take a boat trip with the locals and discover the most deserted beaches.

casa en el agua

The best excursion by far: the Plankton tour. At night time, these magical little creatures turn the water into a glowing wonder. It is an experience that you can’t even picture, and cannot put into words – it is absolutely mesmerizing. You will get goosebumps when you see the sky filled with stars and the sea glistening with little specs like fairy dust.

Have the experience of a lifetime by heading to Casa en el Agua. It is the most surreal place where you can lie in a hammock whilst sipping on the perfectly mixed cocktail surrounded by the turquoise, crystal-clear water.

casa en el agua
Photo: Case en el Agua

Perfection doesn’t need luxury

You don’t get ‘luxury’ here per se – electricity is scarce, the toilet and shower facilities are far from advanced and you won’t get any WiFi. It is a digital detox at its finest – you can shut off and leave the smartphone at home. With the island being so secluded you will be in a paradise shut off from the outside world that runs by itself. Electricity is produced through solar panels, the shower is more of a bucket wash and you also have to do your ‘business’ in an outside toilet that has no flush. Basically, everything on the island is composted!

Photo: Casa en el Agua

But it is all these little things that make this paradise so special. It will also show you how little you actually need to be happy –  you simply need sun on your skin, toes in the sand and crystal-clear water. Be inspired by the amazing company you are in and wake up in the morning to direct views of the sea – truly blissful happiness! There aren’t many places that are as magical as this.

Photo: Casa en el Agua


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