I think it’s fair to say that the best adventures are always the most spontaneous ones you can have. And what could be more spontaneous than booking an adventure with no way of knowing where you’ll be going until the last minute? It might sound a bit daunting taking that step into the unknown, but there’s no reason to be nervous –

In my many years of being a Holidayguru, I’ve stumbled across plenty of so-called “Mystery Tours”. You pay for the holiday without knowing your destination, wait for your documents to be sent to you before, and away you go! Sure, there’s definitely that sense of anticipation while you’re waiting for the documents to be sent, but even then it’s never really a complete mystery. The pool of possible destinations is always listed on the website, and chances are there’s only a couple available. Even if you end up having your heart set on one destination, there’s still a very good chance that you’ll get what you wanted in the end.

So, what about booking a holiday where you really don’t know at all where you could end up going to? For me, half of the fun is being able to share travel experiences that are a little different from the norm, so when I came across the Confidential Trips that are offered by ATO Tours, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to take a closer look. It’s a mystery trip in the truest sense of the word – there’s no clues given at first as to where you’ll be going, and there are countless destinations you could end up going to. Really the only limits are the ones you set yourselves – and the imagination of the person taking care of your booking!

Confidential travel with ATO Tours

How does it work? | Who’s it perfect for? | Booking your trip


How does it work?

Giving up complete control over your holiday planning to someone else can seem like quite a big deal, especially if you’re someone who loves to plan things in detail (myself included!). But in actual fact you’re still given a lot of freedom to specify exactly what you want. Booking your confidential trip on ATO Tours works by the way of filling out a simple questionnaire.

Should the idea of jetting off somewhere completely unknown to you still seem a bit intimidating, then don’t worry – ATO Tours specialise in creating bespoke tours for all sorts of occasions. From solo holidays with no single supplements to bespoke hen and stag dos, there’s pretty much no limit to what they can come up with.

It’s nothing fancy or convoluted – in fact the questionnaire itself only takes a few minutes to complete. And that’s all there is to it! Once you’ve hit send, the lovely people ATO will then work away finding the perfect trip to suit your needs. You have no way of knowing where you’re going until the week before your departure date, where you’ll be sent a package in the post with all your documents. If the anticipation is getting a bit too much, you could always ask for a bit of extra info in advance. But be warned – you’ll only be getting a small hint! They won’t be ruining the surprise any time soon…

As you can see by the pictures below, you’re given plenty of scope to define your interests. What this means for you is that despite the fact that you’re just about to be heading off into the complete unknown, you can still rest easy knowing that you’re still going to enjoy wherever you end up. Once your documents have arrived in the post, you’ll also be provided with loads of insider tips, recommendations and advice about the destination to help you get the very best experience.

Who is this perfect for?


Knowing that your budget is quite limited isn’t exactly helpful when it comes to planning a holiday – more often than not, you’ll just feel like your hands are tied in terms of what options are open to you, which isn’t exactly a nice situation to be in. However there’s one part of Confidential Trips that won’t be a complete surprise: the cost! Part of the questionnaire is being able to set the price per person that you’re willing to pay, so you’ve got complete control over your budget – ATO will then guarantee that your trip will stay within that price range (within reason!). No huge price tag to catch you off-guard!

Last-minute bookers

Maybe you’ve booked some time off work at the last minute, or you’re suddenly finding yourself wanting to head off somewhere at the weekend but are stressing that it’s going to be super difficult finding a deal. And then there’s all the frantic searching involved, trying to get those hotels and flights booked in time – it’s hardly the most relaxing holiday planning experience you can have! Luckily you have the lovely folks at ATO taking care of all of all the booking for you, so immediate all of the hassle is taken out of the equation. Being able to set exactly what dates you want to travel on and even your time of departure means that you can easily fit a trip around the time you have off – in fact you could be heading off to the airport straight after you’re done at work!

Big events & group holidays

It’s certainly a lot of responsibility to take on when you’re the designated booker for a big group get-together! Sorting out flights, transportation and accommodation for several people at the same time can come with a hefty bit of paperwork anyway, but things start getting pretty difficult picking out a destination – after all, you want to make sure that everyone’s happy! However, when some people are looking for plenty of culture while others are more interested in the nightlife, it can be hard to know where to even go. A confidential tour makes life easier for you in two ways, firstly by taking the planning off your hands, but also by giving you the opportunities to list what exactly you’re looking for in your destination. You’ve also got the opportunity to list some absolute no-gos. If someone in the group really doesn’t want to go to Prague again, just pop that in the questionnaire!


The well-travelled

Seen most of the big-name city break destinations in Europe already? Or are you just finding hard to get inspired for your next European adventure? It’s often happened to me where I’m spending absolutely aaaages looking at a map, but nowhere is really jumping out at me at first. When you’re trying to pick a destination that’s a little ‘off the radar’, you’re suddenly faced with what feels like an infinite amount of possibilities – where do you even start?

As I’ve mentioned before, you have the ability to mention exactly what sort of activities or atmosphere you want from your destination. You can say that you’re looking for somewhere filled with plenty of history and cultural offerings, or maybe even somewhere that’s awesome for shopping. But that’s not all – because you don’t know where you’re going until the last minute, you can’t plan in advance the sightseeing you’ll be doing. You’ll be exploring a completely new city without any sort of preconceptions or jam-packed sightseeing itineraries, meaning you’re free to simply soak up the atmosphere and see things at your own pace. There’s no better way to discover a city!

Booking your confidential trip

If you’re curious about these confidential trips or even want to give it a go yourself, then just head on over to ATO Tours’ website. You’ll find some more information about the product as well as the questionnaire itself, so go ahead and be as creative as you want!

Book your Confidential Tour here!