So imagine you could choose anywhere in the world to just chill out in a hammock… where would you choose? 

On a paradise beach in the Maldives, amongst idyllic rice terraces in Bali or rather high up in the Alps? Okay, it’s not exactly an easy task to pick just one place to hang your hammocks. There are just too many lovely places on  this planet! I thought I would share with you some of my top picks. It was hard to whittle it down, but I’ve managed to stick with these ones. Lean back and imagine you’re in one of these wonderful places… It doesn’t get more relaxing than this!

The coolest places for hammocks

Maldives | Costa Rica | Mykonos | Sardinia | Mexico | Columbia

Here’s a little taster already…

Hanging out in the Maldives

What could be nicer than to lie in a hammock, swaying gently between two palm trees in one of the most luxurious resorts, with a view of the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the sun warming your face? No, you don’t have to answer that! Just have a look at how good life can be when you’re on holiday on South Malé atoll in the Maldives, or more exactly speaking in the 5 star Taj Exotica Resort and Spa. Who wouldn’t like to lie down here!

Photo: Expedia

Chill in a villa with Hammocks in Costa Rica

Have you always wanted go to Costa Rica for a holiday where you can watch the animals roaming free in the green undergrowth of the rain forests, and maybe even hop on a surfboard on of the gorgeous natural beaches? Then this stylish villa in the popular surfing hub of Taramindo is probably the right place for you! After a busy day you can finally get comfy in the hammocks, which are right by the awesome pool and give you a great view into the greenery to enjoy.

Photo: Airbnb

Get romantic in Mykonos

If you fancy some of that glamour and beauty that Mykonos has to offer, but still want a nice romantic getaway, then you should stay in San Giorgio. Chic, with plenty of attention to detail, this accommodation just has so much romantic charm and feels totally special. It’s a true paradise of hammocks which awaits you. You can relax by the pool, sway back and forth on the veranda, or make yourselves cosy in the hanging basket chairs. Are you as in love with these pictures as me!?

Soak up some sun in Sardinia

The picture-perfect, Italian Island of Sardinia also has bucketloads of charm. If you’re always looking for authenticity, then you should find somewhere away from the tourist crowds. How about the west of Sardinia, or strictly speaking, this colourful, historic little town of Bosa? Here you can find a cute apartment with a balacony, directly overlooking Lake Temo, where you can enjoy stunning sunsets from your hammock. There you have it again – la dolce vita in Bella Italia!

Photo: Airbnb

Find paradise in Mexico

Get yourselves a load of this… one of the prettiest beaches in Mexico, the sun shines and the sea lies at your feet. The one thing which would be the icing on the cake is an ultra comfy hammock, in the middle of the sea maybe? What a dream that would be. Wait a minute, this dream can be reality at the Villas Flamingos Resort on the Mexican island of Isla Holbox! How chill is that then, please?!

Daydream away in the Maldives

Okay so it’s no secret that the Maldives are basically the definition of paradise. I slip into a daydream just thinking about the glittering, turqouise blue see and white sand on the beaches, like a cloud beneath your feet as you walk along. But why just dream about it? The Gili Lankafushi Resort in the North Malé atoll welcomes you to the Maldives with open arms, making your dreams come true. Just imagine, you can lie in a hammock under the palm trees, watch the sailing boats out at sea and just use the time to forget about everything else. If you’re itching for action, then you can just slip into the cool water from your floating beach house and take a swim. If you spend a holiday in this private residence then you can enjoy some extra fun with their beach activities.

Photo: Expedia

Find peace in the Columbian mountains

Minca is a small mountain vilalge in the north of Columbia, just 20km from Santa Marta and the divine Caribbean beaches. So if you’re up for a small hike, then you can expect some of the best views of the Columbian north-west coast. Once you get up here, you can see beautiful rivers, waterfalls and coffee plantations. If you would like to spend a night or two here, to explore more in this village, then the small Casa Elemento hostel offers an outstanding place to stay. But be warned: If you lie down in one of these massive hammocks (with space for several people!) which grant you these breathtaking views, then you probably won’t be wanting to leave in a hurry!

Photo: TripAdvisor

So, what do you think? Did I inspire you with my collection of heavenly locations to hang out in a hammock? Let me know if you’ve got some more secret locations!