When the weather gets hot and the sun really starts to shine you just have to cool off sometimes! What better way to do that than a trip down a waterslide? And no, I don’t mean the little ones you get in your local swimming pool down the road – I’m thinking of ones that are unbelievably tall, blisteringly fast and just down right crazy. Some dare to do things a little different, but for others you’ll need to have nerves of steel and no fear of heights. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading and you’ll see what I mean…

The 10 coolest water slides in the world:

Toboggan Slides | Master Blaster | Scorpion’s Tail | Verrückt | Kilimanjaro | L2 | Tower of Power | Summit Plummit | Epic Plunge | Insano

Toboggan Slides – Città del Mare, Italy

Let’s start things nice and easy! Over in beautiful Sicily is the Città del Mare, a holiday village perched on the coast overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare. Here you’ll find a cute little toboggan slide which will dunk you into three different pools as you go, before finally splashing you down directly in the sea! Lovely!
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Master Blaster – Aquaventure Atlantis, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a city that loves to go above and beyond the norm. The waterslides are no exception – there are eight Master Blaster watercoasters that lead down from Ziggurat Temple where jets of water will push you uphill as well as down! The park is also located in the world-famous artificial island.
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Scorpion’s Tail – Noah’s Ark Waterpark, United States

This monster is America’s “first nearly-vertical looping waterslide” and it’s! It’s almost 10 stories tall and around 400 feet long, but it’ll be over in just a few seconds thanks to the blistering speeds riders achieve – there’s a almost vertical drop at the beginning and you’ll easily reach speeds of up to 50 feet per second.
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Verrückt – Schlitterbahn (Kansas City), United States

They really went to town with this one! Verrückt is a ride of massive proportions and broke all the records that were set before – it’s the tallest, the fastest, and has the biggest uphill stretch of any waterslide. Teams of four sit in rafts and are plummeted down a 168 foot and 7 inch drop, reaching speeds of over 60 miles per hour. In fact the starting point at the top is higher than Niagara Falls! Definitely not one for the faint of heart.
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Kilimanjaro – Aldeia das Águas Park Resort, Brazil

It may look pretty tame, but don’t be fooled. Kilimanjaro subjects riders to a 164 foot near-vertical drop and boasted some of the fastest speeds (over 57 miles per hour!) before Verrückt came to smash the records. In fact the park owners wanted to maximise the height so much they built the slide into the hill!
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L2 – Wörgler Wasserwelt, Austria

Hailed as the ‘most extreme and intense waterslide’ (according to the park’s website), the L2 is the world’s first double-looping waterslide! Riders are launched via a capsule into a 14 metre free-fall and reach speeds of up to 65km/h as they conquer the 129 metre-long ride.
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Tower of Power – Siam Park, Tenerife

At 91 feet the Tower of Power is dwarfed by some of the other slides on this list, but there’s a good reason why it’s here – after a near vertical drop you’ll be flying through waters full of sharks and manta rays. People on the raft ride beneath will be able to see you whizzing past! The park itself is stunning too, with an amazing Siamese theme, Thai restaurants and bars and even a floating market!
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Summit Plummit – Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, United States

At the top of Mt. Gushmore is Summit Plummet, the park’s biggest ride at a height of 120 feet. It’s one of the tallest free-fall body slides in the world and you’re guaranteed to hit speeds between 50 and 60 miles per hour. Speed freaks can track their time with a speedometer and try to beat their personal best.
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Epic Plunge – Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Cruise Line

Now this is something else! Perched atop the gargantuan cruise ship Norwegian Epic, the Epic Plunge is one-of-a-kind water slide! It’s the only waterslide on the sea with a water bowl and it’s so big it looks as if it nearly takes up all the room on the top deck! There’s another 5 slides, including one that subjects riders to 4Gs during a free-fall. It’s not every day you can go on a waterslide and enjoy stunning views of the sea at the same time!

Insano – Beach Park, Brazil

I’ve saved the scariest till last – this one makes me feel queasy just by looking at it! Built in 1989 in Fortaleza, Brazil, the park says you’re in for ‘the greatest thrill of your life’, and many people who make their way to the top chicken out! Those who go on to brave the ride have a 134 foot drop in store for them, reaching speeds of over 60 miles an hour and covering 40 metres in a matter of seconds. In fact they say the drop is so steep, you float in mid-air – you only start touching the slide once you’ve reached the bottom.

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Wowzers, I need a moment… I don’t think you’ll ever catch me going down Insano! It’s amazing to see what kinds of wacky ideas designers have come up with so far, but in reality this is just the beginning – slides are going to keep on getting bigger, better and madder and designers will compete to break records. Have you ever been on one of these slides? Or is it all a bit too much? If you think I’ve missed a wild slide let me know in the comments below!