How can there be a massive hole in the middle of a lake that consumes vast amounts of water?

At first glance you’ll be amazed and quickly ask yourself if what you’re actually looking at is a mysterious wonder of nature?! Or whether it is actually man made? For all of those who haven’t heard of Covão dos Conchos, fear not, here’s everything you need to know.


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The Covão dos Conchos in Portugal – unbelievable

From a distance the mountain lake in Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal, seems to be a completely normal, idyllic lake. However, at closer inspection you see it – a massive hole in the middle of the lake, well, in the southern part of the Covão dos Conchos resevoir to be exact. In the following video, thanks to a great aerial shot, you can properly see the unique view of this site that is offered to its visitors – amazing!

Video: ProBilder

As it’s not everyday that you’re taken aback and left almost speechless by a mysterious natural wonder, you’re right in asking yourself: How on earth does it work? And is it really an extraordinary gift from mother nature or rather a man made creation? Unfortunately the former is not true, as humans have in fact been involved in the creation of this phenomenon. The hole is 48 metres wide and 4.6 metres deep, under which, believe it or not, a 1500 meter long tunnel is located. The purpose behind it: the tunnel simply serves as a water exchange between two lakes, the Ribeira das Naves and the Lagoa Comprida to be specific.

This said hole has been in the Portuguese nature reserve of Parque Natural de Serra da Estrala for over 60 years but, thanks to superb aerial footage from a drone, it has now become a tourist attraction. Should you want to see this place for yourself, I recommend comfy footwear as the trek there takes about two hours.