What an array of colours! No matter where you look, there are colourful flowers blooming, and forming wonderful flower carpets in every colour of the rainbow. And the weird thing is? It’s right in the middle of the Dubai desert. 

With a sight like this, it’s not just the botanists among us whose hearts warm – I’m talking about the Miracle Garden in Dubai. This enormous flower paradise is located about 30 minutes by car from the desert metropolis of Dubai. Approximately 45 million flowers have been beautifully planted across an area of 72,000 m² and create extensive flower carpets, patterns and even archways. There have been no limits to creativity, which is why amongst other things, you’ll find cars with flowery bonnets, crazy floral sculptures and colourfully decorated houses. In early October the Dubai Miracle Garden finally opened its doors to visitors again!


Flowers everywhere you look!

I’d hate to think what it must cost to water this place the whole year round, millions of flowers need to be kept watered and not to mention the fact that it’s located in the middle of the desert! But don’t worry, the garden is fitted with an environmentally friendly watering system which re-uses waste water and works with drip irrigation. Of course, it can get incredibly hot here during the summer months, which is why the park is closed from the beginning of May until October. Makes sense if you ask me, as the heat in the region of Dubai can be so unbearable. Generally speaking, it is worth visiting early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not so strong on the flat plane. It’s also romantic after dark because the whole park is illuminated with atmospheric lighting. 

If you’re already there, then you should definitely also pay a visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden next door, where you can enjoy the colourful surroundings in the midst of many different types of butterflies! Entrance here costs the equivalent of £10 and for the Dubai Miracle Garden, you’ll pay a little more than £6.

What really caught my eye is this adorable passage where you can take a walk under the brightly coloured umbrellas and find a bit of shade from the desert sun. What a great sight, don’t you think?


Dubai Miracle Garden: you’ve got to see it!

I think we can all agree when I say that Dubai is and remains to be the city of superlatives and has shown once again with this floral paradise how diverse it can be. If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, this oasis in the middle of the desert should certainly be on your list. Who else can say that after a short 30-minute taxi ride through the sandy desert of the United Arab Emirates, they suddenly arrived in a sea of colourful flowers? The Dubai Miracle Garden is truly a unique place!