Essenza Hotel
The Essenza Hotel in the Brasilian Jericoacoara has something, which is guaranteed to make the other hotels around the world turn green from jealousy. Namely a swimming pool complex, the only one of its kind. In Jeri, that’s what the locals like to call this place, you can really relax in chic suites with private pools. And take a whole load of selfies and enjoy a swim with unique views of course!

Impressive pool in Essenza Hotel Jericoacoara

Higher, more luxurious, bigger, more exclusive… These are all characteristics of many luxurious hotels in the world. Because of this it’s not easy to stand out. The Essenza Hotel set a completely new trend. There are only suites here – each one has an outstanding view of the sea and the beach with the Por do Sol dunes. If you’re staying on one of the lower levels, you can jump into the 130m² pool straight from your balcony. But if you’re staying a bit higer up, you hit the jackpot. Every suite on the first floor has its own pool on the balcony!

Essenza Hotel

You’ll be separated from the other guests only by a glass panel – perhaps it’s not a good idea to ditch your swim wear before hopping into your pool. :) Visitors to the swimming pool can just lift their gaze and watch you cool down in your private pool. And even if you don’t fancy getting wet, the view of the balcony and your private pool from your bed is just perfect.

Essenza Hotel

Chill: pool bar in Essenza Hotel

Here, you won’t just be sipping your cocktails at an ordinary bar or by the water… No, in Essenza Hotel you order your drinks IN the water. At the Wet Bar, guests can order a Caipirinha, a non-alcoholic Ipanema or simply a Ginger Ale and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the hotel.

Essenza Hotel

Cost of a night in a suite with a private pool

It’s hard to believe but a night in Essenza Hotel is quite affordable for a 5-star hotel with such features. A night in a suite with a private pool costs only £105 per person – breakfast included. You can easily pay double the price for hotels of this kind in other cities. A small drawback – in order to stay here you have to get on a plane to Brazil first – but that’s not the worst idea, right?
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Essenza HotelEssenza Hotel