While looking for unique places to spend the night I always come across some real surprises over at Airbnb. There are currently over 2 million postings on the website from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you want to sleep in a castle in Italy, on a yacht in Majorca or in a villa on Bali – on Airbnb hosts offer great and sometimes very special places to stay that are straightforward to book!

The 10 most extraordinary places to stay on Airbnb

To give you guys a little insight into the unbelievable choice of different offers, I’ve picked out my top 10 of the most extraordinary accommodation on Airbnb. But you can be sure that there’ll be hundreds, if not thousands of other hosts who can offer exactly what you’ve been looking for. My tip: just take the time before your holiday to sit with your tablet and coffee on the balcony and comfortably look for your perfect accommodation.

Stylish loft in Berlin | The Seashell House at Cancun | Windmill in Greece | Treehouse on Bali | Houseboat in Amsterdam

Bottle House in Brazil | Villa in Palm Springs | Glamping in Spain | Trullo in Italy | Private Island in Belize

Berlin: Luxurious loft with a unique atmosphere

In central Berlin you’ll find real treasures time and time again. One of them is definitely this award-winning loft in Berlin. Located centrally at Alexanderplatz, you’ll be able the spend the night in style and luxury. With a view from the balcony on the 9th floor you’ll also get a fantastic vantage point that looks out across Berlin and you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine.

Mexico: The white seashell house of Cancun

Mexico’s beaches are simply heavenly. If you want to stay an a real dream house, then consider yourselves lucky! This pretty white seashell house on the island of Isla Mujeres off Cancun is a visual masterpiece and it’ll win you over with its pool and fantastic decoration. The sea is also just a few meters away – a guaranteed dream holiday!

Greece: A windmill with its own pool

You can’t go wrong with Greece – with dreamy beaches, sleepy villages and stunning landscapes it really is the perfect place for a holiday! This windmill on Santorini, which comes with its own pool and fantastic interiors, is perfectly suited for a relaxing summer break.

Bali: A treehouse near Ubud

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. Whether it’s for a backpacking trip or even a luxury holiday – the island is now more popular than ever before. How about swapping a hotel for a treehouse with an unbelievable view of the forests? This high-end bamboo villa is nestled amongst the treetops and offer clears views of the fantastic nature. You can even watch monkeys as they climb about from your bed.

Amsterdam: A houseboat in the heart of the city

For many people Amsterdam is a popular destination for a short break, as there’s nowhere else in the world where you’ll see culture, shopping and the best bars and clubs so close to each other. The iconic canals also make Amsterdam an ideal place to live. So why not simply stay on a houseboat and enjoy a new view of the city? These fantastically equipped boats aren’t ridiculously expensive compared to hotels, either!

Brazil: The bottle house of Florianópolis

This small bottle house, which strongly invokes the artistic designs of Antoni Gaudí, is a real treasure, both inside and out. The wooden cabin has been colourfully decorated with different coloured glass bottles and every time you look you’ll always spot new details. Guests have said that this house feels like something straight out of a fairy tale. The beach of Florianópolis is only 800 metres away too.

Palm Springs: A villa to fall in love with

California is another true dream destination. Streets lined with palm trees, plenty of sunshine and exciting cities are for many the embodiment of freedom. Why not stay in a villa during your trip to the US? This breathtaking property is located opposite Ruth Hardy Park, and with space to sleep for up to 8 guests and up to 30 seats next to the legendary pool it’s the perfect place to relax and party to your heart’s content.

Spain: Glamping in a panorama bus

If you don’t want to do away with luxury and comfort when camping, then glamping is the perfect thing for you. A stay next to the sea in this 1950s bus promises that genuine feeling of adventure. Let yourself be awoken by the gentle sounds of the sea and spend an unbelievable holiday in this accommodation on San Rafael’s beach.

Italy: Fairy tale living in a trullo

Italy is always worth visiting. Popular as ever, it’s where a very special place waits for you close to Cisternino. From the outside it looks like a small fairy-tale village, but from the inside the trullo radiates with romantic charm. You can really relax with a good book under an olive tree.

Belize: An island just for you

If we’ve already been on the search for the most extraordinary accommodation on Airbnb, then why not go one step further and go for a private island? In Belize you can actually book a private island all to yourselves: Bird Island. Feel like Robinson Crusoe and experience some fantastic times away from the rest of the world. Whether it’s diving, snorkelling or just chilling in your hammock – anything is possible here, and still remains undiscovered.

That was some of the most extraordinary accommodation that Airbnb has to offer. Have you seen any others you think should be up here? Then let me know – the list is endless!

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