If you thought that the Shire of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit is only a place in your imagination, then I have great news for you: the Shire is only a short flight to Germany away! Let your imagination become reality and spend a really amazing holiday with your own fellowship of the ring :) The quaint houses that are built into a hill, look exactly like the typical hobbit houses, provide a relaxing atmosphere for the whole family.
These houses are located in Waffenrod, which is a town between Erfurt and Bamberg in Germany at the Feriendorf Auenland (eng. “holiday village Shire”).

The cosy hobbit houses have been officially awarded with three stars. They offer a very special, spacious and comfy holiday experience. The interior is made of oak and logs of wood and it boasts a fireplace that makes you feel like you are in the midst of nature! The hobbit houses have a private terrace and provide space for 2 up to 4 people, so don’t worry: the size of the furniture has been adapted to human size. There’s also the option to travel as a group of 6 people, if you book for 2 adults and 4 children! That’s definitely an ideal holiday for a family, offering everything to everyone!
Besides that the Feriendorf Auenland has been rated 4/5 on TripAdvisor; so far by only one person, but it gives you a good impression of what it is like! The location has also been elected as the top tourist destination in 2014 by Family Check, which is a German website about things to do as a family during your holiday.

Feriendorf Auenland in Germany, holiday village Shire, hobbit houses
Source: www.feriendorf-auenland.de

The Shire: Fun for the whole family throughout the year

Not only families, but also couples and groups can experience one adventure or another throughout the whole year. In addition to the unique hobbit accommodations the German holiday village offers fun for its taller and smaller guests: it runs for example, during the summer months an approximately 420 metres long summer toboggan run and a large adventure playground. Furthermore the region itself is perfect to find exciting routes for hiking, biking and even skiing, when it’s winter. A fairytale-like atmosphere!

There are numerous special events such as the Fire Convention with impressive pyrotechnics and the Gaggalacka Open Air which took place earlier this year. You can be sure to experience some great events in the summer. Besides this, you can book some special packages in addition to your holiday like a “pure relaxation”-package which includes spa treatments.
But don’t worry, not only the summer months are interesting for a holiday at the Feriendorf Auenland; the winter brings also some events such as organised ski walking tours.

In general, the rates are: (with reference to the website; please check it to find the dates for the seasonal prices):
£75 (95€) for 2 persons in high season;
£63 (80€) for 2 persons during low season;
£9.85 (12,50€) for the 3rd and 4th person;
£7.85 (10€) for the 5th and 6th person;
children up to 3 years go for free.

An optional breakfast buffet can be booked for an additional price:
£6.30 (8€) per day and adult;
£3.95 (5€)  per day, per child up to 12 years;
£0 per day per child up to 3 years.

Are you interested in spending your next holiday here? Then feel free to check out the the homepage of Feriendorf Auenland!