Forget your usual boring departure lounge, check out this departure beach where you can soak up some last minute sun before your flight. All you have to do is check in like you normally would and then simply chill. This new departure beach is coming in summer 2018 – don’t miss out!

Virgin holidays is introducing this fantastic idea where you can spend the last few hours of your holiday at the Departure Beach. You pay one fare and then can indulge in as much food, soft drinks, tea and coffee as you please, at the same time as topping up that tan or dipping in the crystal clear water.

We all know what a total bore it is to sit in an airport departure lounge where you can’t even go outside to breathe. You sit and wait with 2 hours to spare because you overestimated how early you needed to arrive. You sit and watch the people pass by wishing you could just be back outside in that gorgeous Barbados sun…

New Departure Beach

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departure beach

How It Works

Brownes Beach in Carilisle Bay, Barbados.


  • You will kindly be picked up from your hotel after breakfast whilst your hold luggage is taken straight to the airport for you to no longer worry about.
    You can then check in on the beach (Brownes Beach in Carilisle Bay)
  • Then simply relax on the beach and help yourself to the unlimited drinks at the bar and tuck into a delicious lunch.
    If you fancy taking a dip into the sea one last time, then you will be provided with a beach towel and plastic bag to put your wet beachwear into.
    You can have a shower, too, to feel fresh for flight – so you will have nothing to worry about!

departure beach

Why You Should Book

You may be asking why you should spend extra money after a holiday away to Barbados? Well, here are 6 reasons that will persuade you you to treat yourself!

  • You will spend less time at the airport and more time on a beautiful beach and fully enjoy your last day – need I say more?
  • The price for transfers to and from the Departure Beach are included
  • You will have FREE WiFi throughout the beach
  • Your hold luggage is dropped off for you – you won’t have to think about it again until you arrive in the UK
  • There are on-site reps that will look after you, and answer any questions you may have
  • You get to freshen up and have a shower before you flight, hassle-free!

departure beach


Per Adult Per Child
Entry Prices £20 £15

Entrance to the Departure Beach is free to guests who are staying at Savannah Beach in Barbados or Virgin Holidays cruise customers that terminate in Barbados.

Check out Virgin Holiday to find all details and where to book it.

departure beach

The Extras

Other than making the most of the drinks and food on offer, you can also check out the air-conditioned lounge upstairs. Especially if you have had enough sun already!

Facilities on offer:

  • A games console-equipped kids’ area
  • Plasma screens
  • FREE WiFi

departure beach

This departure beach sounds pretty awesome right? Why not book your holiday to Barbados for next year, and then book yourself into this final snippet of luxury before you head home!

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