The Four Seasons private jet will take you around some of the most beautiful destinations in the world all within 24 days! A trip around the world has never looked so luxurious! Take a look for yourself…

When it comes to a luxurious package holiday we can imagine the kinds of things in store for us – a 5 star hotel, a prime location right next to the beach and all-inclusive catering. If you’re looking for something a little more comfortable (and you have the budget for it!) you can book a flight in business class and get yourself your own small villa. Yeah, that absolutely sounds like a luxury holiday! However, what I’m about to show you will knock every concept of a luxury holiday out of the water, so brace yourselves! A first glimpse at the pictures of the Four Seasons jet should give you a good idea what those lucky few who’ve booked this journey have in store for them!

Around the world in 24 days, please!

Four Seasons private jet | The route: from America via Australia over to Asia and Europe |
Such luxury comes with a price

The Four Seasons Private jet brings you to the most beautiful places in the world

Many of you may already be familiar with Four Seasons. If you’re looking to spend an unforgettable luxury holiday then Four Seasons is exactly what you’re looking for – the company owns more than 70 luxury hotels and resorts with top service. Whether in Dubai, in the Maldives or in Los Angeles – wherever luxury is in demand, there’ll be a luxury hotel. Now just imagine the fact that you can enjoy this first-class service not just on the ground but also high above the clouds, all while paying a visit to the most beautiful places in the world and spending the nights in each country at exclusive Four Seasons accommodation. Sounds impossible? Nonsense! Should you book a place on this amazing journey you’ll be welcomed on board the luxury jet owned by Four Seasons which will whisk you away on a very special trip around the world indeed – what an experience!

Copyright: Four Seasons

First stop: Los Angeles

In total there are 24 days, 8 incredible destinations and 1 luxurious private jet which make this one of the most legendary journeys ever undertaken. The exclusive Four Seasons private jet, a Boeing 757, leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Contemporary design and a luxurious cabin combined with a 10-strong cabin crew, trained according to strict Four Seasons standards, make for a unique feel-good atmosphere. An unforgettable travel experience lays ahead of you…

The first destination of the so-called Four Seasons Around the World Trip will bring you to Los Angeles, California. After a comfortable flight which will no doubt knock your socks off, the adventure continues in this vibrant and colourful city. The luxurious Beverly Wilshire Hotel awaits, as well as breathtaking architecture and a first-class welcome dinner – which Four Seasons will pay for, of course.

Hollywood, Los Angeles

Next stop: Hawaii, Bora Bora and Sydney

After two incredible days in Los Angeles the trip eventually continues to the famous island of Hawaii, where you’ll be able to go on a helicopter tour and spend the night at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Again after two days you’ll be on the move again, this time to the dreamy island of Bora Bora. Turquoise waters, perfect sandy beaches and a breathtaking underwater world are only a few of the things here that will no doubt enthrall you.

The trip will then go from a diving and snorkeling holiday to a surfing one – and what destination could be better than amazing Australia? Awaiting you are 3 days in Sydney and all sorts of sensational sights such as the impressive Sydney Opera House and the world-famous Harbour Bridge. The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney will take care of all your required relaxation, and the staff there will be able to tell exactly what your want just by the look in your eyes.

Experiencing Asia – Bali, Thailand and India

After Sydney the journey continues north west to the stunning continent of Asia. After around 6.5 hours you’ll have reached your first stop – the charming Indonesian island of Bali. You can demonstrate your surfing talents here as well or you can go on a tour exploring and admiring the fascinating temple complexes or the splendid rice paddies. From Bali you’ll be continuing on to the north of Thailand where you can visit impressive cities such as Chiang Mai and delve into Thai culture and history. The next destination will lead you to one of the New 7 Wonders of the World – the world-famous Taj Mahal in Angra, before heading on to the metropolis of Mumbai.

City trip through Europe – Prague and London

The last destination of our trip around the world is Europe. Here you’ll be visiting two of the most popular destinations for a European city break – Prague and London. The former offers a picturesque Old Town, countless examples of historical architecture as well as one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, whereas the latter boasts landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Both cities are absolutely worth seeing and you can expect not only impressive sights but also exclusive Four Seasons resorts where you’ll spend a night in each one, before your unforgettable trip comes to an end.

So much luxury comes with a price

I can hardly put into words the things that await you in this sensational luxury trip around the world. Comfortable and luxurious at the same time, the private jet and the top Four Seasons hotels and resorts all make for an absolutely unforgettable holiday experience. Of course such much luxury comes with a pretty hefty price tag: to travel around the world you’re looking at $132,000 – per person of course! The tours begin on March 2018. So, I think I’ll start saving up my pennies right away – what about you, fancy this amazing experience?