Glamping has been a popular trend in the UK for quite some time now. You can probably picture it now – the cute little shepherd huts and cosy teepees huddled together in the rolling fields, campers sat outside in big, luxurious deckchairs, enjoying the long summer evening with a glass of fizz in their hand… Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not glamping is in actual fact far more diverse and varied than most of us think. In fact, I’m about to take you on a little tour across the world and show you the prettiest places to go glamping! They have to be seen to be believed!


The prettiest glamping spots in Europe

If you fancy a spot of glamping just let yourself be inspired by these gorgeous pictures of the prettiest glamping spots in Europe! I’ve taken a closer look at the best destinations for you.


Glamping in Spain

For many of you Spain is a popular place to go, so it’s no surprise that you’ll bump into some incredible places to go glamping alongside the countless hotels on offer. In the south of the country, around 90km from Seville’s airport, is the Dehesa de las Yeguas campsite. It’s right in the middle of a nature reserve and you’ll be surrounded by a gorgeous Mediterranean landscape. Horses, donkeys and other animals are free to roam the area and they’ll even come up to your balcony for a treat or a little cuddle. Yes, you read that correctly – the tents have their own balconies! You won’t have to do away with your luxuries either, as there’s a shower, a little kitchen and a cosy sofa in your accommodation. For newly weds there’s even a honeymoon suite at the campsite which leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.

You can also fulfil your dreams of spending a night in a proper nomad tent. The super cosy jurts at Casa Valle de Oro are close to Malaga in the south of Spain. In your jurt there’s not just a big comfy bed waiting for you but also your own bath! A perfect combination of luxury and camping romance.

Glamping in France

France is also a popular destination for glamping. The different landscapes, beaches and the French people’s positive attitude to life draws millions of holidaymakers every year. Since the country has so much to offer it would be a shame to just stay in one place. Not to mention the fact that many of us have dreamed of a tour in a proper VW campervan where you can stop where and when you want. So, why not combine both and make your dream come true with 69 Campers? The agency rents out the iconic campervans, which means you’re free to explore the Côte d’Azure and Normandy to your heart’s content.

Glamping in Slovenia

If you don’t think the luxurious tents at the Herbal Glamping Resort in Slovenia look amazing then you must really hate camping! The camp is nestled in the middle of a quiet valley, surrounded by forests and mountains. Besides the well equipped tents with cosy bunk beds, guests are also offered dreamy pools and cloud-free skies at night. Perfect for everyone who wants a luxurious nature experience.

Glamping in Germany

If you want to relive your childhood again you should consider staying in a treehouse! I don’t mean the tiny ones we used to build in our back gardens – no, I’m talking about entire mansions being built up among the treetops. They’re pretty darn impressive if you ask me! In the region of Lower Saxony is the Tree Inn, a treehouse built on the edge of a wolf enclosure. Here you can sit on the roof terrace with a cup of coffee in your hand, observe the wolves and make your childhood dreams come true!

Glamping in Italy

Of course I just can’t leave Italy out of the list of the most popular glamping destinations! The country, already a popular camping destination for Europeans during the summer, also has plenty on offer for luxury campers. How about travelling through Tuscany in a proper Airstream? You can experience that proper road trip feeling yourself in one of the lovingly decorated trailers from Silverfield.

I also found some accommodation in Italy that’s particularly extraordinary. In Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita you can spend the night in a proper grotto! The accommodation is cosy, comes with plenty of luxuries and also offers ample space for some romantic moments with your partner. The candlelight, reflected by the empty walls, will transform you room into a warm, snug hideaway. Glamping of a special kind!

Glamping – the prettiest places to stay around the world

If you’re looking for a extraordinary place to stay a little further afield than Europe where nature and hotel comforts are combined, you’ll be happy to know that there’s places to be found all over the world. I’ve looked at the most popular destinations to go glamping and believe me, there are some impressive places out there!

Thailand | Bali | India | The Maldives | South Africa

Glamping in Thailand

Whether you’re staying in tents and huts on the beach or staying in the middle of jungle, many holidaymakers travel to Thailand and enjoy the great accommodation that’s on offer there. The Rainforest Camp in Khao Sok, located in the Thai rainforest surrounding Cheow Lan Lake, impressed me the most. From your terrace you’ll have a stunning view of the national park, which you can reach by taking a kayak across the lake in front of you. Paradise!

Glamping on Bali

There’s a great selection of places to go glamping on Bali for even the fussiest ones amongst you. The Sandat Glamping Tents in Ubud are a real gem. The tents are surrounded by gorgeous nature and it’s the perfect retreat for those looking for a bit of peace and relaxation. Why go for hotels all the time when a tent can be just as comfy?

Glamping in India

Spending the night in the desert and enjoying night skies full of stars, away from the lights of the city? That’s precisely the kind of experience that awaits you in Rajasthan, India. In the tents of the Damodra Desert Camp you’ll find a cosy bed and your own bath. You can enjoy your evenings next to the large campfire or look for a quiet spot nearby where you can watch the stars with your partner.

Glamping on the Maldives

I’ve often written about the stunning resorts on the Maldives, but did you know that it’s possible to go glamping there too? You can do it in the dreamy huts at Beach House Iruveli. The accommodation is filled with light, thanks to the glass fronts and the small private pool is made for relaxing in. Who’d have thought glamping could be so comfortable?

Glamping in South Africa

When people mention luxury camping the safari lodges in South Africa often come to mind. They’re the example that many other luxurious tents follow, including some of those I’ve introduced to you already. So, it’s not surprising that you’ll also find plenty of great places to go glamping. The best glamping experiences in South Africa are connected to the safaris, where you’ll be sleeping right in the middle of the national parks. One great example is the Gorah Elephant Camp in Addo National Park. You’ll be able to observe the wild animals of Africa from your balcony and wake to the sound of roaring lions.

Luxury glamping – something for the winter as well!

If you think that glamping is only for the warmer spring and summer months, you’re dead wrong. Even on cold winter days there are great glamping offers to be had, which continue to draw plenty of glampers every year. In Cumbria there’s a winter hut where you can relax and warm yourselves up after a day out hiking in the snow. There’s also campsites in Sussex and Somerset that are open all year round where you can spend warm and romantic evenings thanks to the heating. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a heated tent beneath the blankets or outside by a campfire – glamping in winter is definitely worth trying! The Scandinavian countries are also well suited for these kinds of trips. Wouldn’t it be great to spend a night in a tent with an exclusive view of the Northern Lights?

Glamping – it’s a phenomenon that’s become more and more popular over the last three years. So, get out there and enjoy a relaxing retreat surrounded by nature and spend a few days away from the day-to-day stress. Glamping offers a unique opportunity to have an unforgettable holiday that’s both in touch with nature and luxurious at the same time. If you’re not one for too much peace and quiet you can always combine glamping with a city trip depending on where you stay!

I don’t know about you guys, but I think glamping is a fantastic idea. So, get your skates on and check out the latest Glamping offers here on my blog. I’m always looking for more Glamping deals. :)