Got a celebration coming up and have absolutely no idea what to get the host? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! People who love to travel are especially hard to buy for – what can you give to someone whose life fits into a suitcase? Here are some ideas to help you out.

We’re so excited to receive an invitation to a party – but the hunt for a suitable gift can often be a challenge. Giving money is too impersonal and gift corners of shops are more often than not full of more junk than gems that the host would really love. Way too often we buy the second best, plain old tat in last minute despair and try to make it look pretty with a nice bow. Still, if it doesn’t end up straight it the bin, it will sit in the corner of a room collecting dust.

It’s even worse when the host it an absolute globetrotter – and the occasion for the party is that they are going on a 9-month Australian adventure. What can you get someone who won’t be at home and whose life has to be able to fit into a rucksack? Today, I’ll provide you with some inspiration – the following gift ideas for travellers will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

Great gift ideas for travellers

Scratch Off World Map | Piggy bank | Cook Book | Travel Journal | iPhone Lens | Illustrated Dictionary

Language Course | Sleeping Masks and Travel Pillows | Laundry Bag and Hand Towel

Power Bank | Pool Lounger | E-Books und E-Book-Reader


Scratch Off World Map

My absolute favourite among these gift ideas! I can’t imagine anyone who loves to travel and wants to see the whole world not liking this. This world map is initially completely plain in a cute gold colour – each time you visit and discover a new country, you have to scratch within the borders with a coin. The more colourful your map, the bigger a globetrotter you are. Maybe this gift could be a small incentive to help them keep their goals in sight. Instead of bragging with numerous souvenirs at the end of a trip around the world, they can simply hang this up above the sofa: “Look, I’ve already been everywhere.” Which globetrotter wouldn’t dream of being able to have a completed world map in a few years time?

Piggy bank

No matter how popular travelling has become these days and how many people experience wanderlust: it’s still expensive all the same! Unless you’ve got money coming out of your ears, you’ll probably have to make some sacrifices in the lead up to the trip. Saving isn’t fun, but a cool piggy bank in the shape of a suitcase can remind you daily that what you’re saving for will be totally worth it.


Cookbook full of recipes from around the world

Until you’ve scraped together enough money for the next road trip, there’s only one thing to do: get saving and try and put the wanderlust to one side in the meantime. As food is often the answer to all problems, a tasty dish with oriental spices or Mediterranean ingredients will help to escape from drowning in your everyday routine. Obviously you can find some great recipes on the world wide web, but a cookbook makes a very good gift. I personally would enjoy these recipes from all over the world for example. Or what the book about 500 extraordinary places to eat around the world by National Geographic? This is especially a nice idea to accompany a larger gift or if your budget is limited.


Travel journal

Even if there is probably no space for a bulky photo album and huge assortment of coloured pens, every traveller is bound to want to write down a few thoughts. In this case, you’d be more than grateful for the small and compact travel journal you received for your last birthday. There are countless travel journals on the market, however – despite how fancy some may look – I recommend you get a compact one without a hardback. Otherwise, the danger is that your £20 gift will see nothing of the world other than a dusty shelf its whole life.

One for the techies and Instagrammers

For the digital nomads among your friends, the thought of hand written notes is potentially a bit far fetched. They’d much prefer to let their mobile phone pictures speak for themselves on their instagram. With a small lens you can easily jazz up your iPhone camera and make it look as though you had big expensive camera equipment there with you. A great gift for explorers who love their technical gadgets.


Communication without words

Despite the French lessons at school and the Spanish crash course evening classes, you can still frequently find yourself lost for words on a trip. Nevertheless: communication is key! Who said it had to be with words though? The symbol dictionary “Point it: Traveller’s Language Kit” and “Wordless Travel Book” have tried to think outside the box and have come up with these so called ‘Point to it-Dictionaries’, to enable you to make yourself understood with your hands and feet. An absolute travel essential, which every true globetrotter should own. Or their friends. This is where you come in – what do you think of this idea as a gift for travel-lovers?

Gift voucher for a language course

Of course, it goes without saying. When your friend or loved one has a specific travel destination in mind, then soon after comes the desire to master the language. Since language courses aren’t always that affordable and you’re often waaay too busy to join in, there’s no harm in giving a friend a nudge in the right direction. Get a group together so you can give this great gift that they can get plenty of use out of and be reminded week in week out what great friends they have.

Relaxing gift ideas: Sleeping Masks and Travel Pillows

You may be able to devote yourself to your spiritual self-discovery in places like Thailand, but – and I hate to be a killjoy – the cheap flight that’s within budget, could be a test of your patience. It’s not so bad if you have the necessary equipment with you so that you can at least get a good bit of shut-eye. By the time the first baby starts screaming, your friend will be extremely grateful for the Five SeasonStuff®-Set with sleeping eye mask, ear plugs and air neck pillow.


Practical and much appreciated gift ideas

When it’s comes to searching for a gift, we all look for the weird and wonderful ideas – but ultimately the birthday boy/girl would really much prefer a voucher for fuel than a jokey gadget, which doesn’t make any sense. Practical gifts are hence a go! This laundry bag, for example, can alleviate the struggle for frequent travellers, who have to cram everything into a worn-out plastic bag. There are plenty of interesting designs. Why not pair it with this square microfiber hand towel. It may sound really uncool, but it’s actually pretty useful when a backpacker won’t have room for two fluffy deluxe hand towels. These two little items are an essential in any case for a professional traveller.

Always be prepared – Power Bank

It’s always professional to be armed and ready. Especially if you end up out in the sticks without access to power. If you travel properly, then I’m sure you’ll have come across places that have never heard of a plug socket. Yes? Well, here’s the answer to your problem – Get your power bank out, and your smartphone will survive an extra day or two even. Globetrotters never stay in the same place for longer than that anyway. Your creativity with these gift ideas is not limited: women may enjoy one of these Power Banks made to look like a lipstick or a pocket mirror. This way they can easily be stored away in a makeup bag. For the more practical friends, you should opt for the simple, dark, but dust-, shock-, and rainproof model.

The holiday-must: pool loungers

A true classic, but everyone loves a crazy inflatable pool lounger. Deflated, it’s virtually non-existent but blown up on the beach or at the pool, it can’t be missed. Made with witty motifs and in colourful designs, you can lay back and relax. They also help create totally chilled-out holiday pictures. A simple yet very unique present. Pool inflatables are totally in trend this year. For me, it’s all about the flamingo and the donut


The alternative for camping fans, who won’t be going to the sea: the Lamzac – the most comfortable beanbag in the world!

…and gift ideas for the bookworms

Even though I’m sure that the majority of you will have the perfect gift idea in your head by now, but here’s one last tip: reading stuff! Sounds dull but what more does a holidaymaker want than to sit turning the pages of a good book on an extra hot summers day? For friends continuously on the go, I recommend E-Books. If the recipient owns an E-Book-Reader, then you have a quick and easy gift, which won’t tip their luggage allowance over the scales – strictly speaking it doesn’t even weigh a gram … and still makes a pleasant read. Awaken their wanderlust for example with books like “Eat. Pray. Love”, which will leave them dreaming of Italy, India and Bali. If you have a bigger budget or there is a group of you chipping in, an E-Book-Reader could be a nice thought.


What are your gift ideas?

I hope that you managed to find a gift idea for your travelling friend from the handful in this post. If you’re trying to think of a present for your other half, then a city break to the city of love is also a good idea. Or maybe even celebrate New Year’s in a great metropolis? On my deals site you can find some great offers that won’t break the bank as a gift. Other than that, I’m excited to see what great ideas you have!