I recently had the privilege of chatting with Dan Flying Solo! Dan is a travel blogger and photographer, who, as his name suggests, likes to travel the world solo! His amazing photographs and videos have even been featured in National Geographic, so read on to find out a bit more about what he does…

Dan Flying Solo is a man with a passion for travel and photography and he is luckily enough to combine both as his day job! To date, he’s visited 50+ countries and 6 out of 7 continents. But there’s still plenty of destinations left on his bucket list, including Iran, Antarctica and Peru – where he’s headed for a backpacking trip in September!

Dan Flying Solo

When discovering a new place, Dan lives by his mantra: #beyondtheguidebook. While he doesn’t suggest guidebooks are a bad thing, he likes to visit more than just the typical tourist sites. He believes it gives him a deeper understanding of the people and culture. He particularly enjoys travelling to less popular, more remote locations, such as India and Oman. There, he was able to delve deeper into the less well-documented history and traditions there.

Dan Flying Solo also stresses the importance of not just trying to visit as many countries as possible. He loves to return to places and remember why he fell in love in first place. One of his favourites is Indonesia. Despite already spending 5 months there, he’s eager to go back for another half a year and explore more!

Throughout 2017, Dan set himself a challenge: Say Yes 2017.  In a brave quest to do things he wouldn’t normally, he let his followers choose which part of the world he should move to for a while… and he ended up broke in New Zealand! Currently, he’s spending a few months in Wellington rejuvenating before his next trip and building up some funds by doing nocturnal web design work (fuelled by ice cream!).

Want to hear more of Dan Flying Solo‘s great travel stories and see his amazing photography work? Check out our video below:

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Thank you so much for your time Dan and enjoy all your upcoming trips!