Question: What was the password to the Gryffindor Common Room in the first Harry Potter Book?

Answer: Caput Draconis! 

Muggles out there watch out: you have the amazing opportunity to spend a magical stay in a Harry Potter hotel that runs two very special rooms! :)
What’s so special about these rooms? They have been furnished like sleeping rooms in Hogwarts! Exactly, my dear Harry Potter fans, this is something very special and probably a must-do for every fan out there.

You can visit these two awesome rooms, called the “Wizard Chambers,” in the Georgian House in London. They have been designed with a special eye on the details, so you can really feel like you were a pupil at Hogwarts yourself. Only that you don’t have to share your room with the other kids, that’s it.

Georgian House – Harry Potter Hotel in London

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Sleeping in the Wizard Chambers at the Harry Potter Hotel is like sleeping in Hogwarts

“Our love of Harry Potter has inspired us to create our beautiful Wizard Chambers that feature faux castle details such as stained glass windows, stonewalls, gothic arches, trunks, portraits and beds hung with red and yellow velvet curtains,“ according to the official homepage. Additionally, there are wood burning stoves, cauldrons in fireplaces and tapestries. “Our chambers will transport you to the world of the wizardly unexpected,” the homepage promises. And so it is: Looking at those pictures you can already feel a bit like you were right in the middle of one of the novels by J. K. Rowling, the famous author of the famous Harry Potter books.

Originally, both of the chambers at the Georgian House were planned as rooms especially for children. But when you think about how many people grew up with the book series which ended about seven years ago and how many (myself included) are still fans of the young team of wizards you can be sure that these chambers will attract far more people than just children. The Georgian House Hotel is a 4-star hotel which was built in 1851 and is still led by the same family who once founded it. Of course, all of the other rooms are also very nice and designed with love for the detail. Besides that the hotel has a good rating of 4/5 on TripAdvisor and holds a Certificate of Excellence.
You can book your stay in the Wizard Chambers either on Trivago or directly on the official homepage of the Georgian House.

Georgian House – Harry Potter Hotel: A perfect end of a day full of Harry Potter tours through London

A stay in the Wizard chambers might be just the icing of the topping to make your Harry Potter tour through London perfect. The city is, after all, the place where all the magic happens! Scenes were shot right in the middle of the capital of England, the “gate” to Platform 9 ¾ at the King’s Cross station from which all pupils get on the train to Hogwarts can be found, or you can do a tour through the studios of the movie – in London you can get a glimpse of the magical world of your favourite wizard and make your trip to London unforgettable!

You can book your stay at the Georgian House in combination with a tour through the Warner Studios London. The studios are located in Leavesden, 20 miles outside of London. They offer you a unique look behind the original settings of your favourite movies.

The Warner Studios London are the place where all of the eight parts of the Harry Potter movies come from before they hit the cinemas and later our televisions. Film settings, costumes or requisites… you can see the originals from the movies and get totally enchanted! Don’t miss out on the great hall e.g, the place in Hogwarts where all the pupils get together for meals and meetings. Unfortunately, the roof is not really enchanted like in the movies, but the rest is original, just like you know from the films. Furthermore, you can visit Dumbledore’s office and discover all the treasures in it. Just like the common room and the boys’ dormitory, more or less Harry’s “real” home.
Take a look at the couch in front of the fireplace where the three friends used to laugh, quarrel and of course puzzle over a new mystery together for so many times. A visit here is a must-do for every passionate Harry Potter fan. Tickets are available for £31 for adults and £23,50 for children aged 5 to 15 years.

Which Harry Potter tour is the best for you?

You can also book a special guided tour: the “Warner Bros. Harry Potter Tour“. You start in London, 4 Fountain Square (return included) and a guided tour through the studios with many fascinating background information and stories.

Another very fascinating tour is the “Harry Potter London Walking Tour”. You just need to get to the meeting point and a professional tour guide will lead you to some of the actual filming locations. Visit for example the magical “Platform 9¾” sign where Harry catches the Hogwart’s Express train, the entrance to Leaky Cauldron that Harry and Hagrid entered on their way to Diagon Alley, the location of the red telephone box where Harry and Mr Weasley descend into the secret Ministry of Magic and many many more locations. Just make sure that you have a valid Zone 1 Travel Card or Oyster Card when you arrive at the meeting point.

Guess that I don’t need to tell you that a Harry Potter tour through London is a must-do for everyone who fell in love with the stories about the magical world of J. K. Rowling. I’m definitely up for it! I believe that most of us wished, at least once, to be a part of this world and that it’s somehow for real. So don’t wait too long for your ultimate Harry Potter dream to come true! Accio flight tickets! :D