Apps are becoming more and more vital in everyday life, be it for Facebook to communicate with your friends, for Snapchat for you to demonstrate your beauty to everybody in your contacts list or maybe you live abroad and need Whatsapp to talk to people back in your home country. Either way, they’ve become a vital part of life in the 21st century often saving you from boredom and allowing you to do everything you need to at the touch of a “button” or as is more common now, screen. So I figured, why not let you all know about some of the Travel Apps that I use, so that all of you can easily save your memories, work all the time and never get lost.

Top 5 Holiday Travel Apps

The first list I’m going to give you is for those of you who love going on holiday but can’t really live without Wi-Fi for the entire time that you’re there, and don’t fancy paying for it. Maybe you get lost or even just want to have somewhere to store all of your photos and memories so that you’ll be able to show everybody how much fun you had, when you get back. This is definitely the perfect list for all of you with Wanderlust.

No 5: Magic Hour

So this is a great app for all of you aspiring photographers. Everybody knows that sunrise and sunset is the perfect time for photos. Timing your photos just right to get the contrast of the bright sun coming across the horizon turning the sky and skyline into a vision of burnt orange, dusky pink and contrasting shadowed outlines. Magic Hour will tell you when the sun will be within six degrees of the horizon, which is a very small margin in relative terms. You can set this app to send you a reminder 60 minutes before the moment.. so that you’re guaranteed the best photos of your holiday… and the best part? It’s free! There’s definitely no harm in downloading this baby.

top 5 travel apps - sunset

No 4: PinPin ATM Finder

Everybody has those moments when you suddenly realise you’ve spent all of your money on drinks and have absolutely no idea how to get home without a taxi. This app saves you from those situations. The real chance is that an ATM is only ever around the corner, and this App saves you! It tells you exactly where you can find an ATM and has over 220 countries listed, so even if you’re in the strangest country in the middle of nowhere, the chances are that you’re covered!

top 5 travel apps - atm

No 3: Google Goggles

Do you ever have that feeling that you’ve stumbled across something really important, but just have no idea what it is? Well with Google Goggles you’ll be able to find out. All you have to do is fire it up, take a photo and it will show you all of the relevant Wikipedia articles about this building.. really is the best way to avoid looking like an uncultured tourist ;)

top 10 travel apps - Eiffel Tower Paris

No 2: Spottly

This is the perfect app for those of you who just love documenting your travels. Making notes and taking pictures is one of the most common ways for you to be able to remember exactly how you spent your holiday.. so why not be able to do so all within one app? Spottly allows your to take photos and write about your experiences whilst you’re there so that you’ll be able to look back on your holiday and remember every detail that you might forget having been home for a while or if you’ve since been on holiday. It also comes with a travel community where you can take inspiration from what they did in countries and what they liked and didn’t like.. as well as being able to share your experiences with them.. it’s perfect really!

top 5 travel apps - World Tour

Top 5 Business Travel Apps

So, the top app for all of you business travellers is the same as all of you who love going on holiday so you’ll just have to read to the bottom ;)…  Travelling for business has been a really common part of a lot of jobs for a long time. Naturally, being able to work efficiently and save time whilst learning how to navigate around a new country is an absolute necessity.. so here’s a list of the best apps you can use to help you do so!

No 5: Bing Translator

There is nothing worse than going to a country and not being able to understand a word of what’s being said or what’s written. Not everybody is a natural linguist and that’s okay… but you should at least give it a go, right?! This app gives you the chance to translate things that you see or have heard whilst not being online! To make this work offline, you need to download a dictionary so that it has the appropriate words for you.. it’s definitely worth thinking about because it’s the easiest way to make your trip as easy as possible!

No 4: Tipulator

This app helps you avoid the ever awkward moment of not knowing how much tip is appropriate to leave in a restaurant. For example, if you left a 10% tip at a restaurant in Tokyo you would be offending the restaurant and its employees… do the same in New York City and people would frown at you and, if you returned, would probably spit in your food. This app calculates exactly how much tip you should leave so that you’re never stuck again!
top 5 travel apps - tips

No 3: Foodspotting

This is an app that is more specific than other food apps… it gives you the chance to specify what you’re looking for! If you fancy a specific pizza in Rome, the perfect paella in Barcelona or the ultimate New York Breakfast in Manhattan.. this app is perfect for you. It also gives you ratings as to the dish.. and also makes you look really knowledgeable in front of your colleagues/ potential clients.

top 5 travel apps - pizza

No 2: Onavo

Downloading emails whilst on holiday tends to be one of the most expensive parts of being abroad in the first place. Even if you have a company phone, they don’t particularly appreciate you downloading a massive email, irrespective of how necessary it is. Data Roaming charges are notoriously extortionate.. so why not find a solution? Once installed, Onavo drastically reduces the amount of data needed to perform everyday tasks, like retrieving emails… I have no idea how it manages it.. but it really works (and saves you a fortune)!

top 5 travel apps - phone

No 1 for both Lists: Wi-Fi Finder

My top App is actually the same for both of these lists! Wi-Fi has become a bit of a necessity in the 21st century.. most people can’t live without internet access anymore… it’s almost like an addiction, yet somehow, we all begrudge paying the hotel for internet. $15 for how long?? I don’t think so! So, there is an App that I’ve discovered that can help you massively! It’s called Wi-Fi Finder… the clue really is in the name. It catalogues over 650,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the world, showing you which ones are free and which ones you need to pay for. It also gives you directions to the nearest hotspot.. so it really is the perfect way for you to stay connected to the world whilst you’re on the other side of the world to everything you need to know about. It’s really easy to use… just so you know, if you want to find the hotspots in a country you need to download the location before you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.. imagine not being able to find Wi-Fi because your app needs Wi-Fi.. wouldn’t be very clever would it?!

top 5 travel apps - wi-fi


So there you have it.. your Holidayguru’s Top 5 Travel Apps… designed to help you save money, save time and get the best pictures whilst you’re doing it. Now all that’s left for you to do is to find the holiday/business trip to make use of these apps I’ve found you. Definitely worth remembering that I have an app coming out soon, so it will soon be even easier for you to find your dream holiday!