You will hardly be able to believe your eyes – a sea of blue buildings. Blue houses, blue churches, blue pharmacies, even the pets here have blue collars. Yes, this is actually a village where real people live. If you want to know where exactly you can make your childhood dreams come true and find these Smurf houses, keep reading.

Juzcar, a village with blue buildings in Andalusia Malaga

Welcome to the Smurf Village

Our adventure today takes us to the beautiful southern province of Spain, Andalusia, or more precisely a village called Juzcar. It’s pretty far from the main tourist strongholds and it can feel as though you are driving forever to reach it. A good 120 kilometres away from Malaga, this little village radiates charm in brilliant blue. Admittedly these smurf houses in Andalusia haven’t always looked like this. Rather, this lovely little village was transformed into a blue oasis for advertising purposes by Sony Pictures to promote the premiere of the “Smurfs 3D” movie. While previously all the houses were typically a brilliant white, it was a spontaneous decision to get over 9,000 litres of blue paint and decorate the houses, churches and facades of all the buildings to recreate a Smurf village. Ever since, the small village of 250 inhabitants has become a great tourist attraction and gained a great deal of fame. The original plan was to convert the village back to its normal state after a few months, but the people decided against the reconstruction and to keep their new Smurf world.

To complete the illusion, there is a Smurf market along with other attractions to boost the local economy. Some people even dress up as characters and walk about the streets and there are lots of statues in the village that you can take pictures next to. It’s also not uncommon to see face painting stalls and handicrafts as, especially at the weekends, tourists flock to the little village to see what life is like in Smurf world.

A day trip to the Village of the Smurfs

However, one thing must be said: There’s no doubt that this village is certainly pretty to look at. How often do you see a completely blue village? But there is not a lot to do or see here. Children will love it, so a day trip is perfectly sufficient to visit Juzcar. It’s best to park just outside and discover the Smurf Village on foot. The journey there will be long enough and the roads are very narrow and windy – so take care!