Are you looking for a very special kind of winter holiday? Then listen up! I present to you the Kakslauttanen Igloo-Hotel! A real dream for those who are now reminded of their childhood fantasy. Yes, a holiday in an igloo is possible – and without having to give up luxury…

During the summer all the talk is about holidays and the next trip to the most amazing beach, forget about the subject of sun and beaches as the cold time of year arrives. There are so many unbelievable locations which are definitely worth a visit in winter. Before the numerous winter sport destinations in the alps, the Scandinavian countries are top of the pile when it comes to tempting places with minus temperatures and beautiful, thick layers of snow.

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort // Valtteri Hirvonen

Among winter holiday makers you mostly find sports enthusiasts who are on the hunt for a couple of action packed days on the slopes, but who also enjoy a  relaxed walk, well I’ve found the perfect location for them! Kakslauttanen is a 4 star resort in northern Lapland, which is known worldwide under the nickname of “Igloo Village”.

A night in the igloo hotel – an overview

Dream like accommodation | Glass igloos | Snow igloos | Log cabins

Log cabins for really special occasions | Activities and excursions in the igloo village | Gastronomy

Arrival and the surrounding area

Dream like accommodation – Glass igloos and traditional log cabins

Must see: The Northern Lights from an igloo in Scandinavia

There are a few natural phenomena that are so beautiful that you simply have to see them at least once in your life. This also applies to the Polar – or Northern lights, which can be seen on several nights from the end of August to the end of April in the polar regions. This also goes for the Scandinavian countries! The architects of Kakslauttanen were aware that many tourists don’t want to miss out on this spectacle during their holiday here.

Therefore they built twenty glass igloos and a glass tepee which are aligned so that you can gaze at the skies through the ceiling whilst lying in your comfy bed. And you’ll be able to gaze closely at the view of the Northern lights! The glass dome is constructed so that there could be the heaviest snow storm raging outside and you would still be pleasantly warm in your even more pleasant, toasty room. Unfortunately, due to high demand and limited numbers, it’s not possible to spend more than one night in a row in the glass igloo. However that is no big deal because there are plenty of other places to spend the rest of your stay at the Kakslauttaten resort. I can promise you – you don’t want to miss out on them either!

Snow igloos: For true Finns

Alongside the romantic glass domes, the igloo hotel also has something for genuine adventure lovers up its sleeve. Want to spend a night in a real snow igloo? If this corresponds to one of your childhood dreams, then you should book your holiday to Finland sooner rather than later as the 60 beds here (four per igloo) are limited. It’s not a luxurious +20°C, it’s truly authentic, but nevertheless you are properly equipped with a sleeping bag and a warm outfit, including hats and grandmas woolly socks. If you leave your hand-knitted scarf at home then its no problem as the igloo hotel can lend you one.

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort // Valtteri Hirvonen

Log cabins: Here you can withstand any blizzard

In addition to the exciting night in the igloo, you can top your holiday off with a few more nights in the rustic, but no less luxurious, typically Finnish log cabins. You’ll have to do without an LED TV and a dish washer, but it comes equipped with a private sauna and a fireplace. That’s a fair deal, right? With it’s classic Scandinavian design, the igloo hotel really excels itself. At the secluded igloo hotel, you can experience winter at its best and do what often isn’t possible in day to day life: Spend time with your loved ones.

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort // Valtteri Hirvonen

The luxury cabins

Some people aren’t content with just great accommodation and great holiday locations and are always on the hunt for the absolute best. However, the Kakslauttanen Resort has catered for this too. Those who want to go away with their entire tribe or even football team would be best off booking the Sivakka, the biggest log cabin in the igloo village. Alongside a gigantic bedroom, you’ll find three bathrooms, a kitchen, a sauna and a fire place for the evenings story time with the family.

If it’s just the two of you travelling but you still want to enjoy the rustic style design, then you’ll feel right at home in the Traditional House. Here you’ll find wonderful furnishing complete with a notoriously classic rocking chair. Couples can choose between the 60m² Queen Suite and the Wedding Chamber. Along with the already mentioned facilities, both come equipped with a bathtub big enough for two. The Queen Suite also spoils you with its own outdoor Jacuzzi. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Sleigh ride with huskies and all – the activities at the igloo hotel

In between those cosy and relaxing days in your comfortable accommodation, there might be a few days where your thirst for action just grabs you. Should this happen the igloo hotel has an exciting selection of activities and trips to satisfy your adventure needs. You’re served up an action packed winter wonderland on a silver platter with a sleigh ride accompanied by reindeer, horses and huskies.

During the journey it is made sure that the animals are respectfully treated and not over worked. They can be fed during the breaks. And for those interested the guides are full of fascinating and well researched information on the animals themselves and also the surrounding area. Those who fancy a bit of sport should take themselves to the cross country ski track. You can borrow the appropriate equipment from reception. The highlight (expensive, by the way) is the Inari ice fishing course which costs €240 (£211.81).

Gastronomy: Enjoy some typical Finnish cuisine

Besides a good nights sleep, there’s no better way to recover than with a delicious, hearty meal. The igloo village in Kakslauttanen has two restaurants and you can either choose a typical Finnish meal from the menu. Or surprise yourself with a three course meal when you book half board. Naturally there is also breakfast. Choose something from the sumptuous buffet before you start your truly unique day in this winter wonderland.

Arrival and the Kakslauttanen surroundings

Although the hotel is somewhat isolated you can easily reach many attractions in the surrounding area, if needed. You can also get to the next ski region without any difficulties. Right in front of the igloo hotel you’ll find the ski bus stop. If you arrive by plane, which I highly recommend, you can be collected by the transfer service at Ivalo airport. You’ve got to sign up for this in good time, then after your arrival into Lapland you’ve only got a 30 minute shuttle ahead of you.


So what are you waiting for?

If you’re planning a special family holiday, a trip with friends or a romantic weekend during the Christmas break… Then you should give the igloo hotel in the Kakslauttanen Resort a second look. With crazy activities and extraordinary accommodation, a stay here would be absolutely exceptional! If you’re lucky the Northern Lights might even honour you with their presence. And believe me – there’s not many better places to gaze at them than in a glass igloo.