Daredevil hikers can get a photo of quite the special kind in the south of Norway – or, to be more precise, documenting a successful a 2-and-a-half hour hike to the highly popular Kjeragbolten. Before you set off though, you should take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself whether you want to embark on this adventure. You’ll definitely need a head for heights and good sense of balance for sure!kjerabolten norway myholidayguru4

A hike to Kjeragbolten

This hike definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. Starting at the car park at the Øygardstølen guest house (where you’ll already have a breathtaking view of the Lysefjord and the village of Lysebotn) you’ll eventually make your way up the steep slopes. The marked path, which you should definitely use to find your way, then leads across sheer cliffs. In some parts the only way to steady yourself is with a chain hammered into the rock, so a good pair of hiking boots are an absolute must. After going back and forth, down into the valley and back up again on the cliffs, hikers will be greeted with a majestic view of the end of the Lysefjord. Then after another steep climb you’ll finally reach the highlight – the Kjerag plateau.

kjerabolten norway myholidayguru
Well, jumping is maybe too much … Image: TripAdvisor

From here on out it’s just a few steps to the western part of the plateau where the strange Kjeragbolten is found, a 5m³ monolith left over from the ice age. Wedged between two cliff faces and at a dizzying height of 1,000 metres above the abyss, this boulder isn’t just a fascinating attraction, but also presents a danger that you shouldn’t underestimate. One false step could mean the end. No visitors have been killed here, but there have been accidents involving some basejumpers who couldn’t resist the adrenaline kick and dared to jump from the Kjerag plateau. Even today there’s still plenty of these extreme sport lovers. When it comes to regular hikers, it’s not unusual for them to go on this demanding hike only to realise at the end, after taking a peek into the abyss, that they don’t trust themselves to step out onto the boulder without having anything to hold onto.

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But a bit of romance might be okay. Image: TripAdvisor

Not for the faint of heart

You’ve probably already realised but to see this attraction with your own eyes you need to have not only good fitness but also strong nerves!

kjerabolten norway myholidayguru3
Or do you prefer yoga? Image: Instagram.com/haugi84

However, should you be one of those brave adventurers who don’t want to miss out on such a cool photo opportunity, it’s best for you to travel during the summer months when the snow has gone. Be sure to be extra careful if the weather is rainy or foggy! If you’re really going there and taking some amazing pictures be sure to send it my way!

I myself get pretty queasy just by looking at these photos. I still really want to go though – what about you guys?

kjerabolten norway myholidayguru2
Once you’ve reached the top, enjoy this breathtaking view. Image: instagram.com/chrispendlow