Heading to Croatia on your next holiday? If so, then you should definitely take a trip to the Krka National Park, where a real waterfall paradise is waiting for you!

Lush green forests, a cloudless blue sky, the feeling of sun on your skin, and before you are countless waterfalls flowing through the countryside. Sounds like the perfect backdrop from a film? Visit the Krka National Park in Croatia and discover its beauty for yourself.


Krka National Park

The Krka National Park includes a large part of the river Krka which flows from the city of Knin to Skradin. You should set a side one or two days to visit the National Park. In the park there are numerous well built hiking routes and footpaths which take you to the most beautiful view points. My tip: Instead of going from waterfall to waterfall by boat, rent a bike in Sibenik or Skradin, and discover the park on two wheels. This way you’ll be able to experience even more of the surrounding nature.


You will find waterfalls everywhere that literally just make you want to jump right into the water (but this is only allowed at Skradinkski Buk). Visovac Monastery, built in 1445, still stands to this day on the small Visovac Island in the same-named lake and is home to a small art collection. The highlight of the Krka National Park is undoubtedly the Skradinski Buk. As the longest waterfall, the water flows down over 17 steps into a shallow pool, which you’re even allowed to bathe in (the only bathing area in the park). With a bit of luck you might come across a tortoise!


What especially fascinates me about this resort is that even in spite of the many visitors and people bathing, there is still a really special atmosphere. Gushing water, rays of sun shining through the forest canopy, and languid fish relaxing in the crystal clear water… How often is it that you get to enjoy such a breathtaking atmosphere? Unfortunately not all too often! Therefore, I strongly recommend a visit to the Krka National Park, you definitely won’t regret it!


This is just one of the many wonderful places Croatia has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Croatia!