If you’ve been to London once, you’ll always want to return to the beautiful city. There is always something new to discover around every corner. I asked you for your favourite hidden gems in London and have created an amazing overview with all your personal recommendations.

You’ve given me some amazing tips for London’s hidden gems! I obviously couldn’t include them all so I’ve put together your best tips for the fashionable English capital. You’ll definitely have heard of some of these recommendations from our London experts but there may be a few tips, which you’ve never heard of before. I hope you’re curious!

London’s Hidden Gems

A Room with a Fireplace in the Ship and Shovell | Idyllic Parks | Live Music in Covent Garden

St. Giles Hotel, London | Leadenhall Market in the Heart of London 

The Making of Harry Potter | Vintage Fashion at Camden Market

Natural History Museum | Free City Tours

London’s Hidden Gems: The Ship and Shovell – a pub with a great atmosphere

The Ship and Shovell is a pub between Embankment and Charing Cross. The pub not only serves ice-cool, freshly pulled pints and tasty fish & chips but also offers a cosy room with a fireplace on the first floor. The pub is on Craven Passage, a small side street off the historic Charing Cross crossroads. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a beautiful evening in front of the fireplace? You can find out more information on the pub’s website. The Himalaya Restaurant and Take Away on Green Street has also been recommended. It’s only a 25-minute walk away from the Ship and Shovell.

London's Hidden Gems
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London’s Hidden Gems: Idyllic parks in the middle of a vibrant metropolis

Next on the list are the countless parks in the city of London. Whether you head to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens or any other park, you’ll see the effort and hard work that Londoners put into their green spaces and this makes them very much worth a visit. Magnificent flower beds, beautiful palaces, cottages and statues all lend them a really special sort of charm. Even when all the fields are yellow and dried up in the summer, the parks always remain green. Add to this that the squirrels are now so trusting of the many tourists that they’ll even eat from your hand. Here’s a tip for you men! You’ll make your true love’s day with a romantic walk through one of these parks. ;) If all that walking through the fresh air has made you hungry, you should definitely pay a visit to the Pride of Paddington. It’s famous for its delicious, local dishes.

London's Hidden Gems
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London’s Hidden Gems: Live music and entertainment in Covent Garden

You should definitely take a look at one of the many live performances in Covent Garden next to the West End. Covent Garden is a popular shopping and tourist attraction where street artists, pop-up cafes and lots of small boutiques all make sure you have lots of fun. Another must is going to see Les Miserables at the Theatre. I can recommend the London Docklands in the east of the city as well. It is made up of former docks and shipyards along the River Thames and its modern buildings are simply inspiring.

London's Hidden Gems
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London’s Hidden Gems: St. Giles London Hotel – accommodation in central London

On a city trip, you obviously want to see and experience as much as possible. I recommend as central a hotel as possible, especially for short breaks. The St. Giles London Hotel on Bedford Avenue is right in the centre of London and is a 3-star hotel. From there, you only have to cross Tottenham Court Road to reach Oxford Street, the biggest and most famous shopping street in London. It’s also not far from Soho where you can find the popular record store, Phonica Records, which is a true paradise for vinyl lovers. If you want a short break for coffee, you can sit down at one of the countless, lovely cafes.

London's Hidden Gems

London’s Hidden Gems: Leadenhall Market in the heart of London

Leadenhall Market is an architecturally impressive, covered market in the City of London, the historic and economic centre of the capital. You can find the market on Gracechurch Street. As well as lots of food shops, this market is also home to different wine merchants, florists and a number of lovely restaurants and bars. A scene from the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was even filmed here. Here we come, Diagon Alley!

London's Hidden Gems
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London’s Hidden Gems: The Making of Harry Potter – a visit to Hogwarts

If you’re a real Harry Potter fan and have enough time when you’re in London, you shouldn’t miss The Making of Harry Potter studio tour. During the tour, you can wander around the Warner Bros. Studios, a famous film and media complex, just 20 miles from the centre of London. All the props and sets, which were used in the Harry Potter films, were built in these studios. You can take a look at the office of Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, and dive into the magical world of Hogwarts. It’s a MUST for any Harry Potter fan.

London's Hidden Gems
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London’s Hidden Gems: Vintage Fashion at Camden Lock Market

Camden Lock Market is at the heart of Camden Market, a collection of several markets around Camden High Street. It offers a collection of very cheap and extravagant vintage clothes, which you can buy at this market. You can also find different accessories, furniture, food – the super tasty cupcakes are my favourite – and works of art. If you’re walking around in London, you should definitely look out for the street art. A particular highlight is the Banksy stencil of Amy Winehouse, which has been immortalised on many walls and doors here.

London's Hidden Gems
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London’s Hidden Gems: Natural History Museum – fun for all

The Natural History Museum in South Kensington is one of the biggest natural history museums in the world. It’s not only those interested in natural science who get their money’s worth here but the exhibits also amaze the kids and capture their imagination. There are exhibitions on ecology, evolution, volcanoes and meteorites. The most amazing part for younger visitors, though, are the countless models of dinosaurs including real dinosaur skeletons. And the best thing is this great museum is free!

London’s Hidden Gems: Free city tours with Sandeman’s New London Tours

Also recommended are the three-hour guided city tours by Sandeman’s New London Tours. The entertaining and competent tour guides take you around all the most important central sights in London. They also tell you interesting background information about everything you see. These tours are not only very well-organised but also completely free! These city tours are a great tip – they really inspire all the visitors, who come along.

London's Hidden Gems

So, those were the best hidden gems in London. I expect some of you already knew about a few of them but the rest of you now have some new ideas for your next trip to London. All that’s left to do is thank all of you London experts who sent in your tips. It’s time to pack our bags – London’s calling!