It’s not a long time since space travel became a reality – and now it could be for more than just professional astronauts. Orion Span Inc. is in full swing stacking a hotel on a modular station – that’s right, in space! – allows for a holiday in the room. But it is a great pleasure. And how will it take place? Read here if you’ve always dreamed of going to space – and happen to have 50 million dollars spare lying around. How will this hotel in space look? How do you book in? Read on to find out!

A Luxury Hotel in Space

For some people, a two week summer holiday to Gran Canaria is the highlight of their year. Others dream of a weekend city break to help get them through the work days. But have you ever considered space travel? Up to now, it has been reserved for just professional astronauts who live and work on places such as the International Space Station. But from the year 2022 it will be possible for us mere mortals to clear a two week schedule in our calendars and enjoy this brand new luxury hotel which is the brainchild of Orion Span Inc. Your stay in this brand new hotel in space will last 12 days, but of course this trip to space is subject to access requirements and quite a hefty price tag. How will this hotel in space look? How do you book in? Read on to find out!

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Aurora Station, which is also known as the Space Station Hotel, is a very intimate, quite small hotel which is able to accommodate four lucky guests and two professional astronauts. Together with the astronauts, guests to this out of this world hotel will be actively travelling in space – can you believe it! I can’t think of a more unique hotel stay than this one!

During the 12 day trip in this decadent hotel in space, guests will float over 300 kilometres above the Earth, and watch the sun rise and set about 400 times. The hotel circulates the Earth in about an hour and a half. As well as experiencing 16 sunrises a day, guests can hover about in zero gravity, see the Northern Lights up close from the comfort of their room, and take home the ultimate souvenirs from their rooms. If that wasn’t surreal enough, there’s also the holographic platform of the Space Station that you can see in a virtual reality experience. The hotel rooms have huge windows that you can gaze out of, and there’s also a number of luxurious facilities. For example, there’s a high speed Wi-Fi connection that you can use to update your Facebook with fascinating pictures from your holiday. Just like a holiday back on Earth, huh?

The upside to a hotel stay like this is that you don’t need to worry about noisy neighbours! Hotel guests here will have the place to themselves – for now, at least. On the other hand, though, the food isn’t exactly gourmet dining, and there isn’t a supermarket just around the corner where you can pick up some snacks.

So, can I stay in this luxury hotel in space?

Erm, probably not. This hotel in space really does come with quite the price tag. Just one night in the Aurora Station Hotel will set you back a cool £555,284.73, whereas a 12 night stay will cost you £5.4 million. Sounds like a lot, but do remember Wi-Fi is included in the price ;) On top of that £5.4 million, you also need to pay a £56,000 deposit. If you’ve got some spare change rolling around, and feel like really treating yourself, then you can book this stellar stay here. If space travel isn’t for you, you can also gift a holiday here to one of your mates. I don’t know who could possibly give this as a birthday gift – I think I have the wrong friends…

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The cost of this trip to space isn’t the only debilitating factor, though. Guests in the Aurora Station need to follow a series of training sessions to prepare them for their stay in a hotel in space. Previous training would have lasted roughly two years, but Orion Span have been able to narrow this down to three months in their very own space travel training programme. The first part of your training is to apply for the Orion Span Astronaut Certificate. This you can do from your own home, and you’ll have to fork out for it too. For the next part, you’ll need to travel to Houston in Texas. This section of the training course consists of practical and physical exercises such as running the computer systems of the spaceship, crisis management (which will come in useful in such a small space), and how to move without gravity.

Finally, you’ll need to undergo a thorough health check. This is to make absolutely sure your body and mind are able to travel through space. You will be exposed to some very extreme conditions during both take off and landing. So, space travel isn’t for the faint of heart.

Orion Space Inc., surely have some high expectations for their Aurora Station Hotel. They predict the hotel to be so successful, they’re already looking to quickly expand their business into a selection of space apartments. So you could buy an apartment and live in space. I wonder how much the council tax would be!

So, what do you think? Have you started your savings so you can take your spot in this extra terrestrial hotel stay? Or are you sticking it out until you spot a great deal on this hotel in space here on myholidayguru? Well, you could be waiting quite a while I suppose. . . but my latest travel deals won’t be bad alternatives! ;)